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Frequently Asked Questions

We`ve collected answers to the most popular customers` questions.
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Frequently Asked Questions
How to install a DoorProtect/DoorProtect Plus sensor correctly?

A magnet relative to the sensor should be placed on the right side. Sensivity of the sensor`s response to the opening depends on the correct location of the magnet. 

Correct settings of the immunity from animals in the motion sensors

Indoor motion sensors like MotionProtect, MotionProtect Plus, CombiProtect and MotionCam usually don`t react at animals with height up to 50 cm tall and weightup to 20 kg in case of correct installation and configuration. The weight limit acts as an understandable guideline. In practice, the heat spot`s size in the infrared spectrum matters. Remember: sensors don`t see objects, they analyze their infrared radiation. Make sure that the motion sensors are installed at an optimum height: 2- 4 m.

MotionProtect Outdoor and MotionCam Outdoor do not react to animals up to 80 centimeters tall. These sensors are equipped with two infrared sensors in order to ignore typical street barriers effectively, and read signals from two areas of space. They sound the alarm when motion is detected by both sensors. Outdoor sensors are fixed at a height of 0.8-1.3 meters. The axis of the upper lens view must be parallel to the ground plane. Even an inconspicuous deviation of the axis at long distances will shift the viewing area of the upper lens above the person or point it toward the ground. Therefore, it is important to perform detection zone tests.

Correct installation of Motion Protect Outdoor and MotionCam Outdoor

When installing outdoor sensors, take into account the factor of installation height, location and direction of the sensors.

That's why we recommend to watch video tutorials from our engineers.

They will tell you about mistakes that can be done during the installation of street sensors and how to avoid them in order to keep yourself and your family safe.

How to provide stable radio communication between Ajax devices?

Usually security devices use radio communication for two-way communication. A hub transmits commands, changes settings and checks the presence of devices in the network. Devices transmit events and alarms instantly via radio. Reliable communication is one of the key factors of your effective security system. That`s why it requires a lot of installation engineers` attention.

Our friends from Ajax have prepared a special article for engineers. Learn more about the factors that are important to consider during the equipment installation in order to provide good and high-quality radio communications.

How long do the batteries in Ajax devices work? What affects it?

Usually numerous factors affect the work period of battery-powered ajax devices.

Among them are the enviromental temperature, level of communication with a hub, location of the installment, and user settings.

Types of accounts and their rights

An accout type usually highly affects management and correct work of the whole system. That`s why there are several kinds of accounts in the Ajax system:

Users - your relatives, friends and colleagues who use the Ajax alarm system.
PRO - engineers who are engaged in technical maintenance.

You can learn more about their roles from the article:

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