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We are Pipl
a company, that thinks about people
We are Pipl
Our goal
To form a safety culture in Europe
We build a human brand with a personalized approach to each client. And we strive to promote to the masses interesting and useful gadgets in the field of protection and comfortable life
Our team
We are quite self-confident, because we have been working in the field of security and intelligent systems in Ukraine for not the first year, and some not even for the first decade
We are fans
Pipl employees are not just professionals in their field, but also true fans
We are fans
We are fans
We are fans
We are professionals
In our lifetime, we have overcome so many equipment, brands and suppliers that we can safely call ourselves professionals with a capital letter
We are fans
We are fans
Our mission
Make safety and comfort for people simple and accessible
Even if you do not understand anything about modern security systems, our managers will help you choose the optimal solution, and will support the chosen system throughout its entire service life
Our specialists stood near the sources of the birth of the security market and during its development managed to gain enormous experience in the selection of security systems, development of project solutions, as well as installation and adjustment of equipment
15 лет опыта
We provide an extended warranty not only for the purchased equipment, but also for our work. We maintain the system and advise customers even after the warranty period has expired
100% гарантия
Well-known brands of security systems from Ukraine, USA, China, Germany and EU countries
№ 1
Only useful and relevant expert videos every week. Honest reviews of security equipment from various manufacturers. We learn to install and configure the equipment independently
35 000 + подписчиков
Our partners
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