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Methods and conditions of delivery of the goods

  1. The delivery of the Goods shall be provided by the Operator through shipping companies or using a postal service provider (hereinafter as the “Carrier”).
  2. The Buyer must select a method of delivery of goods before sending the order in the Online Shop in the step “Selecting the transport”, and pay the transport costs for the selected method of transport in the amount indicated for the individual types of transport.
  3. By sending the order, the Buyer acknowledges and agrees that the goods may be split into several shipments. The transport costs of the goods split into several shipments shall remain the same and shall not be to the Buyer’s detriment.
  4. Before sending the order, the Buyer shall check the delivery details to enable the goods to be delivered properly. The Operator has no responsibility for non-delivery or late delivery of the goods if the addressee’s data has been provided incorrectly. The Operator is authorised by the Buyer and is hence entitled to transfer the details of the addressee necessary for the proper delivery of the shipment to the Carrier. The Buyer further confirms that in the case the goods are to be delivered to a person other than the Buyer, the Buyer has been given consent by such person with respect to the transfer of the details necessary for the proper delivery of the goods to the Operator and the Carrier.
  5. The Carrier generally informs the addressee of the expected date of delivery of the goods, in a form of a text message, e-mail or by telephone. The addressee is obliged to be present at the place agreed in the Purchase Contract at the time of the expected delivery of the goods or to authorise a third person to take delivery of the consignment, in accordance with legal regulations, chiefly the Civil Code, by issuing a power of attorney with the principal’s authenticated signature. The expected date of delivery of the goods is indicated in the Online Shop at the selection part of the method of transport, before the order is sent.
  6. The addressee is obliged to identify himself/herself to the Carrier by production of a valid document, which shows details matching those of the addressee provided in the order, and the authorisation to receive the consignment. If in doubt, the Carrier is entitled to refuse to hand over the shipment.
  7. In the case costs of the transport are not to be paid, the Buyer is informed of this by the Operator at the moment when the type of transport is selected. The Operator is entitled not to charge the costs of transport at the Operator’s own discretion.
  8. Dates of delivery of the goods shown in the Online Shop are indicative only. The Operator has no responsibility for the Carrier’s failure to meet the date of delivery.
  9. Upon receipt of the goods from the Carrier, each addressee is obliged to check the goods in the presence of the Carrier’s employee. Checks should be carried out in particular with respect to any possible damage to the shipment and the quantity of the goods ordered.
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