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Conditions of the use of cookies

Cookies, i.e. short text files sent by the Online Shop to the Buyer’s browser and enabling the Online Shop to record information about the Buyer’s visit to the Online Shop, are used by the Operator under the following conditions:

  • when accessing the Online Shop, the visitor is informed of the details of the use of cookies;
  • by selecting the “Allow cookies – all” button, the visitor gives consent to the Operator to the use of all cookies;
  • by selecting the “Adjust the use of cookies” button, the visitor has an option to select the type of cookies that he/she will or will not give consent to. Refusal of consent is not possible in the case “necessary” cookies, i.e. information that is required for the functioning of the Online Shop and which contribute to its safe and proper use;
  • The Operator is entitled to store cookies on the device of the visitor to the Online Shop if such cookies are necessary for the functioning of the Online Shop. For other types of cookies, the visitor’s consent to their use is necessary and it is given by selecting the button “Allow cookies – all” or “Adjust the use of cookies”.

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