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Install a security system anywhere in Czech and Slovakia

  • Specialist on-site visit for consultation
  • We choose equipment to fit your budget and tasks
  • Qualified and fast installation
  • We guarantee the installation
  • Post-warranty support of the security system

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Install a security system anywhere in Czech and Slovakia
Professional installation of security systems

Why should video surveillance, alarms, intercom or access control systems be installed only by professionals?

  1. They will qualitatively ensure the safety of you and your property due to their experience, skills and technical equipment.
  2. They will provide an official warranty on all installation work and equipment.
  3. They will provide prompt technical support from the installer company.

PIPL.SK provides a full range of installation work with the provision of warranty documentation. The company employs only experienced and professional installers of security systems.

How do we take care of your safety?
Define goals and objectives

Before selecting the equipment, you need to understand the purpose of its installation. The quality and reliability of the system depends on them.

To do this, we will gather information about your facility:

  • Its design features
  • Operating conditions of the safety system
  • Your goals and objectives.
  • Planned Budget.

That way we can quickly and efficiently move on to equipment selection.

Selecting the equipment

The task of the stage is to select the equipment according to your needs.

In doing so, we try to take all parameters into account:

  • Technical specifications of the devices
  • Availability of modern technologies and additional functions
  • Cost
  • Feedback from customers and experts about the work of the equipment.

After that, we form an estimate for consumables and possible accessories.

Installing the security system

After approving the budget installation team PIPL.EU goes to your facility and installs the security system.

Depending on the type of system (for example, video surveillance or security alarm system), the team performs preparatory work: design and electrical installation.

Our specialists will do the work at a time convenient for you. This includes evenings and weekends.

Setting up the system and teaching how to use it

Once installed, our communication does not end! We will introduce you to the secrets of how the devices work.

Company specialists will perform commissioning and tell you about the basic functions and settings of your system.

You will also learn how to work with mobile applications. From these you will be able to manage the security of the facility from anywhere in the world!

Maintaining and upgrading the system

Any security system periodically requires proper maintenance.

Our company provides service, warranty and post-warranty maintenance of the installed equipment.

We also offer services for scaling and modernization of the security system or its components.

You, your relatives and your property will always be under reliable protection!

The best security systems in PIPL.SK!
Video surveillance - the best way to monitor the security of your territory
Video surveillance - the best way to monitor the security of your territory

The advantages of video surveillance systems Dahua, Hikvision, IMOU, Ezviz with installation from PIPL.EU:

  • Professional installation of CCTV cameras on any surface;
  • A staff of experienced engineers with professional equipment;
  • Warranty on installation work and equipment;
  • No hidden charges, approved estimates;
  • Large assortment of CCTV cameras;
  • Advanced video analytics;
  • Control via mobile app;
  • Technical support, service, warranty and post-warranty service;
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