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A safe entryway with the best security systems

  • The best vandal resistant video surveillance to protect the common area;
  • Digital access control systems with easy identification;
  • Multifamily video intercom and concierge communications for comfort and security;
A safe entryway with the best security systems
Comprehensive security

In high-rise buildings, intruders often break into the entryway and occupants damage walls and furnishings. To prevent such moments, you need an integrated security system.

We design security systems and install them on a turnkey basis. Therefore, you will not have to think about how much equipment you will need and where to place it. The project will include all necessary devices, and your house will be reliably protected.

Our company also installs security systems in corporate buildings and offices. To avoid intruders, we install cameras and intercom in front of the entrance.

You will know immediately if a situation requiring immediate intervention occurs in the entrance hall. A program is installed on your cell phone and you will be instantly informed. At any time you can turn on the broadcast and make sure that everything is OK at the place of surveillance.

What tasks the driveway security system solves

Cameras, video intercom systems and access control in the entryway will allow:

  • Ensure the safety of residents or utility workers;
  • Avoid vandalism;
  • Identify guests and visitors;
  • Prevent theft and other unlawful acts.
What tasks the driveway security system solves
Entrance protection is:
Video surveillance

By installing a video surveillance system, you will be able to monitor your entryway around the clock. Cameras record without stopping. But many people prefer devices with a motion sensor. This means that the camera will turn on when someone walks in the area you're watching.

To see what's going on in front of your door at night, you'll need night vision cameras. They can be wired or wireless. In some cases, equipment is installed that is invisible at a glance. That way, intruders won't be able to see the cameras, and you'll know who committed the crime.

Security alarm system

A burglar alarm in the entryway is very important, not only for protection against intrusion, but also for fire protection. If there is smoke, you will be instantly alerted. This will avoid a major fire, because action will be taken immediately to eliminate the fire.

The security system is also triggered when an intruder appears on the property. You can prevent a lot of unpleasant situations by installing a built-in security system in your entryway.

Specialists perform regular maintenance of the system. That's why you can always be sure that the equipment is working properly.

Video intercom

Intercoms are now installed in every entranceway. Thanks to this, visitors can call the right apartment. And the residents do not have to go down and open the door. It is enough to press the intercom button inside the room.

The presence of a video intercom will not only allow you to hear, but also to see who is standing in front of the door. If they are intruders, you can not open the door of the entrance, and report to the appropriate services, which will immediately take action.

Broadcast from a video intercom can be made not only on the screen in the apartment. A special program can be installed on your smartphone. It will allow you to answer the phone and open the door directly from your phone. You will always know about the arrival of guests, even if you are away from home. You can communicate with them and suggest a more convenient time for a visit.

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