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Security solutions to protect guests, staff and property

  • Round-the-clock video monitoring of the restaurant's hall and kitchen;
  • Alarm system with fire and water leakage protection;
  • Reliable access control to protect the warehouse and staff area;
Security solutions to protect guests, staff and property
A comprehensive security system for the restaurant

High-quality security is important in catering establishments. A large number of people visit restaurants every day. Therefore, it is important to ensure the safety of the interior and a quiet environment for each guest.

If you want to install an effective security system in your own restaurant, contact our company. You will need to choose the equipment, and installation and configuration will be done by our professionals. If you are not sure what equipment you need in your case, we will make a detailed project. It will include cameras, security and fire alarms, control panels, etc.

Each installed device will work properly. In the case of malfunction, you can contact our experts. They will carry out maintenance and troubleshooting.

Your restaurant will always be under surveillance. In the event of an emergency, you will know right away. To do this, you need to install a special app on your smartphone, which sends notifications. With the app, you can view the broadcast online and make sure that everything in the restaurant is under control.

Why do you need a security system in a restaurant?

Installing a security system in your restaurant will help you:

  • supervise the work of the staff;
  • monitor the safety of drinks and food;
  • prevent conflicts;
  • get rid of theft.
Why do you need a security system in a restaurant?
Security systems for the restaurant
Video surveillance

Installing a video surveillance system will allow you to monitor all areas of the restaurant. You will know what employees are doing when there are no customers. You can monitor the restaurant's hours of operation, and make sure no customers are left inside when work is done.

In the main hall, a camera can help you know if customers are committing illegal activities. A surveillance system in the kitchen will help prevent theft of goods and make sure that chefs are not adding inappropriate ingredients to dishes.

It is advisable to install cameras near each entrance to the restaurant. They may not work all the time, but can be triggered when motion is detected in the surveillance area. In this case, the motion detector will be triggered and the recording will start. And you will always know who is entering or leaving the restaurant.

Security alarm system

In the catalog on our website you can choose a reliable security and fire alarm system. In case of smoke or fire, you will immediately know about it and be able to take action. If there is an intruder on the premises after the restaurant is closed, you will be notified immediately.

To be sure your fire protection system is working properly at all times, you need to have regular maintenance. Our colleagues will check if the devices are working properly, and if necessary, they will carry out work to restore the system.

Video intercom

At first glance, it may seem that a video intercom in a restaurant is unnecessary. But it isn't. If you suspend work for a while and an intruder or visitor wants to enter, you will be able to communicate with the guest with the help of a video intercom.

Having an intercom will allow you to take orders from customers outside the door of the premises. You will be able to read the menu and the guest will be able to select everything they need. When the order is ready, you will be left to take it out without letting the person inside.

The advantage of a video intercom is that you don't have to be in the restaurant to hear the doorbell. The notification will appear on your phone and you will answer the guest, even if you are in another part of town.

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