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My home is my fortress

  • Preventing break-ins, theft, and unauthorized access;
  • Surveillance of children, the elderly or sickly relatives;
  • Comprehensive security: video surveillance, burglar alarm, video intercom;
  • Installation and maintenance of equipment;
My home is my fortress
Complete turnkey security for your home

The security of a modern house or cottage must be comprehensive and consist of several security systems: video surveillance, alarms, video intercom, and sometimes access control.

All devices must work in a single ecosystem and duplicate each other's functions. For example, indoor and outdoor video surveillance - to signal an attempted burglary or intrusion.

A security alarm system - to alert you to possible problems with access identification. And a video intercom - to inform and record the faces or appearance of the guests.

For your home security system to work well and reliably, it is important to select and install the equipment according to the approved design. From time to time, the entire system should be tested and timely diagnose possible failures.

A home security system will help address the following issues:
  • Warns you of a break-in while you are away;
  • Will prevent fire, flooding, burning wiring;
  • It will help to control the home staff;
  • Will provide care for children or elderly parents;
  • Provides the ability to monitor your home online.

PIPL.SK specialists will choose the best modern equipment for your home that meets all goals and objectives. And our engineers will make a project of equipment placement at the site.

A home security system will help address the following issues:
3 security systems for a safe home
Video surveillance

Cameras in the house can help you monitor what's going on around the clock while you're away. You can install the equipment in the hallway, living room, bedroom or children's room. You can control the devices or view video at any time using a handy mobile app.

The cameras can operate continuously or trigger on motion, thanks to motion sensors.

Security alarm system

By installing a burglar alarm system, you will be assured of the safety of your home. It will warn you instantly if someone tries to break into your home. This will help prevent a crime from happening in time.

Fire detectors will notify you in time if there is smoke or fire.

Our specialists will help you to install the equipment or conduct professional diagnostics of the already installed system. And if necessary, they will eliminate the detected faults and defects.

Video intercom

Installing a video intercom in your home will ensure the safety of your property and your family members. An intercom with a camera is installed on the door. If there is a call or movement near the door, your phone will automatically start broadcasting.

If there are children or no one at home, you can see who is ringing the doorbell and remotely communicate with that person. Also, take immediate action if it is a thief or intruder.


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