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Comprehensive security system for the country house

  • Round-the-clock video monitoring of your home and territory;
  • Protection against burglary, intrusion and domestic accidents;
  • Smartphone controlled access and perimeter monitoring;
Comprehensive security system for the country house
Comprehensive security

You need a security system to reliably protect your cottage or private home from intruders. Don't waste your time looking for the right equipment - contact us! The company's catalog contains a wide range of products for organizing an effective security system.

Many people don't know what equipment you need to install an integrated security system. We will create a comprehensive project for you with cameras, video intercom and fire alarm system. We do turnkey installation followed by equipment maintenance.

So your site will always be under control.

Hurry up to order the integrated security system so you don't have to worry about the safety of your property. Anyone who wants to trespass on your property will immediately be in the "crosshairs" of the camera.

If you are not sure whether you need a security system, call the manager. He will help you analyze the risks and choose the best equipment to protect your property.

What problems does a comprehensive security system solve?

After installing a comprehensive security system, you will not have to worry about the safety of your own property. You will have access to:

  • 24-hour monitoring of the territory;
  • Notifications if an intruder appears on the site;
  • Surveillance camera recordings;
  • The ability to view what is happening in real time.
What problems does a comprehensive security system solve?
A safe dacha is:
Video surveillance

The catalog contains cameras from leading manufacturers. You can order equipment for outdoor or indoor surveillance. Choose when you want to watch the broadcast - around the clock or when there is someone on the premises. The images will be shown on your phone or computer screen with the appropriate software installed.

We will set up the cameras so that the easiest access routes to the site are monitored. You will see who is going through the front door, peeking in the windows or standing by the door. The equipment can operate 24 hours a day. Night vision cameras discern movement even in complete darkness.

Security alarm system

The security and fire alarm system will let you know if someone else has entered the house or if there is smoke. Information about the event will immediately appear on your phone, and the security service will also know about it.

If the equipment was installed a long time ago, it may require maintenance. Specialists will check whether all devices are working properly, so you can be sure that your dacha is safe.

Video intercom

Many people neglect to install a video intercom on their garden plot. If the house is small, perhaps such equipment is not needed. But for those who have a large plot near the house, a high fence and a luxurious cottage, an intercom with a camera will be a mandatory element of security.

You can install the intercom at the front gate or at the house door. When someone rings the doorbell, a notification will go off on your smartphone. This will allow you to answer the phone and communicate with guests, even when you're in another part of town. If an intruder wants to enter the house, you can report it to security or come to the site in person.

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