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Security for your apartment

  • Affordable Wi-Fi surveillance cameras with cloud storage support;
  • Wireless security alarm system with smart home functionality;
  • Multimedia video intercoms with smartphone control;
Security for your apartment
Comprehensive security system for apartments

Our company will help to ensure the security of your apartment. To do this, we will install a comprehensive security system: cameras, video intercoms, firefighting system and more.

You can choose and order equipment in our catalog. Specialists in our online store will install each device and set it up. Therefore, your apartment will be reliably protected under all circumstances. Periodic maintenance will ensure that all components work properly. And our managers will help you to understand how to turn on and use the system.

Video cameras are the most important element of surveillance. They can be installed inside the apartment or in the entrance hall. At any time of day you can see what is going on in the rooms or behind the entrance door.

Order the design and installation of an integrated system and enjoy the feeling of security. Your home will always be safe and secure. Because no intruder will be inside while you're away. And in the event of an emergency, you'll know right away. A notification will appear on your phone screen.

What problems does having a comprehensive security system solve?

After installing the integrated system, you:

  • Know if someone has broken into the house while you were away;
  • See what your children are doing;
  • Receive a prompt alert in case of danger;
  • Watch what's happening on your smartphone.
What problems does having a comprehensive security system solve?
A safe apartment is:
Video surveillance

The first thing almost all customers want to see in their apartment are cameras. With their help it is easy to monitor everything that happens in your absence. The camera can be installed in the hallway, bedroom, living room or other rooms. You can view the live feed on your phone or computer. Special software will help you do this.

Cameras can work around the clock or be triggered by motion. That means the recording will only turn on during someone's movements around the house. Thanks to the analysis, you will know exactly who is in the apartment. 

Many young parents are afraid to leave their children unattended. That is why they install a camera in the child's room. This allows you to leave your child alone, but still be aware of what he is doing.

Security alarm system

In our catalog you can choose a security alarm system. Our specialists professionally install the equipment. If someone tries to break into your apartment, you will receive an instant notification on your phone. And you will be able to take urgent measures and prevent the crime.

You will also need a protection system against fire or flooding. If there is smoke or water leakage in the apartment, you will know right away. If the equipment is already installed, but no longer works correctly, contact our experts. They perform diagnostics and fix the defects. This way your security system will remain in working order for many years.

Video intercom

An intercom at the entrance door will not always keep you safe. Intruders can get in and try to break into your apartment.

If you are not at home and the doorbell rings, you can see the person and talk to them using video intercom.

An intercom system with a built-in camera is installed on the door. When the bell rings (or movement at the door), the phone will start broadcasting. You will see your guests and be able to take appropriate measures if there are burglars on your doorstep.

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