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Video surveillance of a child. Rating of cameras

Video surveillance of a child. Rating of cameras

The use of video surveillance systems has become very popular in recent years. People want to be sure to protect their property. The devices allow you to monitor all movements and objects around you. And the mere fact of having video cameras discourages intruders.

Video cameras have also become popular in babysitting and are now actively used inside apartments and homes. Safety and security are key concerns for any parent. Therefore, video childcare has become a lifesaver for many moms and dads. Devices allow you to monitor the behavior of children, in time to fix violations, such as dangerous games or viewing prohibited websites, movies. They have also become relevant in the presence of a nanny at home, especially if someone uses her services for the first time.

Discreet video surveillance is simply a necessary thing to keep an eye on the baby and the babysitter. It performs several functions:

  • supervises the actions and quality of performance of duties by hired personnel;
  • can provide video evidence in case of disputes or arguments for claims;
  • communication in the presence of two-way audio;
  • monitoring your child wherever you are;
  • increased safety: if you notice a fire or your child suddenly becomes ill, you can quickly call emergency services.

Video surveillance of your children and home provides 24-hour protection and monitoring. The system alerts you instantly when the slightest change is detected.

Tips for choosing a camera

Buying a camera can be a real challenge. All devices perform the same function, but differ in their characteristics. Therefore, we have prepared a list of parameters that you should pay attention to when buying:

  • installation method;
  • sound and video quality;
  • viewing angle;
  • type of matrix;
  • design reliability.

Before you buy, you need to decide what the camera should cover and where you plan to install it. If it is important for you to see the whole room, choose a model with a panoramic view, which will not leave any blind spots.

Types of systems

Video surveillance systems are used to control and protect the area. Depending on their technological capabilities, they are divided into four types:

  • analog - considered obsolete, but sometimes used for small areas;
  • digital - designed to provide shooting of large objects and have high image quality;
  • mixed type - combines analog and digital devices, using a hybrid video recorder;
  • systems with Internet connection - broadcast in real time.

Modern devices allow not only recording, but also its analysis. In this way they provide reliable protection and the ability to respond quickly.

Camera Rating

xEzviz_template1-1-600x600.jpg.pagespeed.ic.0XTZoJp-TV.jfif (29 KB)

The EZVIZ CS-CV246-A0-1C2WFR (C6CN) is a 2MP rotating Wi-Fi IP video camera. It has a frequency of 15 fps and 10-meter backlight. There is Wi-Fi access and a 256GB memory card. The camera can be installed anywhere: place it on a shelf or hang it from the ceiling. A special kit is included for installation, so you can do it yourself.

The smart auto-tracking system instantly takes a photo when motion is detected and immediately sends it or video fixation. Privacy mode allows you to disable cameras if necessary via the EZVIZ app.

2MP cloud Wi-Fi IP-camera EZVIZ CS-C1C (D0-1D2WFR). It has a frequency of 20 fps, 12-meter backlight and a viewing angle of 106 degrees. Simple and quick installation process will not take much time.

The camera is miniature and features high quality FullHD images. With night vision, you can watch your baby even in low light or in the dark. And the upgraded LED backlighting lets you see objects from up to 12 meters away.

When you see unusual movements, you get a notification on your phone. With two-way communication, you can always talk to your loved ones through the EZVIZ app.With 256GB of storage, you won't waste time regularly deleting videos.

The IMOU Ranger 2 (IPC-A22EP) 2 MP rotating IP camcorder. The model features high functionality: built-in microphone, speaker, siren and smart tracking. The device guarantees security at the highest level.

New image scanner technology allows you to identify a person and quickly send an alert to your phone. Full HD quality and infrared illumination record high-quality video and photos even at night. H.265 increases video download speed and uses half the storage space.

The Wi-Fi camera rotates 355 degrees and has a wide rotation angle, ensuring there are no blind spots and you can see the room from all angles. Smart tracking allows you to automatically record the movements of an object. A siren function triggers when unknown persons enter. The Ranger 2 supports continuous recording.

IMOU Cue 2 (IPC-C22EP) 2MP Cloud IP Video Camera. It has a high bit rate and recording rate of 25 fps, the ability to record video continuously. It is able to recognize movements and their sources, as well as clearly transmit sounds.

With the two-way conversation feature, you can communicate in real time. The device is controlled through the Imou app. It has access to the current video broadcast and previously recorded videos.

The rapid development of technology and the improvement of video cameras with new features makes them an essential device for every family. They ensure the safety of your loved ones and property. You can not be separated from your children and always watch them even at a distance. Therefore, a baby and home surveillance camera will be your best buy!

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