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Video baby monitor or surveillance camera? Overview of modern home Wi-Fi cameras

Video baby monitor or surveillance camera? Overview of modern home Wi-Fi cameras

Despite the fact that the baby monitor is an extremely useful and convenient gadget for young parents, these devices are still not so popular in our country. There are several reasons for this, we have tried to highlight two main ones:

  • Relatively high price - high-quality models with a screen unit start at 3000 hryvnia, and the models of famous manufacturers, such as Panasonic or Motorola with high-definition video recording, will cost at least 5 thousand;
  • Insufficient functionality - the baby monitor, as an independent device, is designed for one task and cannot be used in any other quality.

Add to this the fuss with battery replacement and charging, the ever-lost screen unit and the reason for its low popularity becomes clear. In general, after a month or two of use, the baby monitor is successfully hidden on the shelf next to the toaster, the bread maker and the old button phone, where it lives out its days.

Well, what about the safety of the child? Today we will try to tell you about more affordable and functional devices that will always be relevant to everyone - from babies to seniors.

ran2c.-min.jpg (55 KB)

We will talk about wireless Wi-Fi video surveillance cameras Ezviz and IMOU, designed specifically for home use - they are easy to set up and use, but have a functionality, giving a head start over any baby monitor.

Let's look at just a few key features - resolution, usability and functionality are the main features for home use.

Resolution of Wi-Fi video surveillance cameras for home

The main thing that both the baby monitor and the camera should do is to record high-quality video in high resolution, at least from 2 Megapixels. When we turned to one of the most popular price aggregators in Ukraine, we were surprised to see that there is no resolution parameter filter in the baby monitors section.

Perhaps this is not such an important characteristic, but on the screen we want to see a detailed image of the baby, not noisy and blurry movement of color spots.

This is especially true for night video recording, which inexpensive baby monitors do not capture at all. For CCTV cameras, this is not a problem - when the light level drops, the IR illumination automatically activates and the camera continues to shoot in black and white.

At the same time, modern cameras have a set of "image enhancers" out of the box, shooting at dusk or in different types of lights they are not afraid - unlike the same baby monitor. And also you will have a wide choice of resolutions - from inexpensive FullHD models to advanced 4-megapixel at more than affordable prices.

c-c1-1.jpg (46 KB)

In the range of home solutions Ezviz and IMOU present cameras with a resolution of 1, 2, 3 and 4 megapixels, and prices start from 1000 UAH - more than an affordable option for young parents.

Easy to connect and use

By and large, both these devices - video baby monitors and surveillance cameras - are equally easy to connect and use in everyday life.

In the first case, all you have to do is turn on the screen and camera units and pair them. In the case of the surveillance camera, the baby monitor screen is a smartphone and the Ezviz or IMOU branded app. This way is convenient because you can watch the picture from the camera anywhere in the world, where there is Internet.

In the case of the baby monitor the range of communication is limited to a hundred meters +/-. At the same time the screen will not be lost, the battery will not run down, and all important functionality updates will arrive over the air.

The camera installation and setup procedure is very simple and takes only 5 minutes - you just need to follow the instructions on the smartphone screen - even a child can literally cope with this task.

Functionality and capabilities

The functionality of a surveillance camera, unlike a baby monitor, is not limited to video recording. Modern solutions support two-way audio communication, respond to sounds, such as crying baby, as well as recording in several modes - to a video recorder, memory card or proprietary cloud service.

Also, robotic home cameras are able to rotate and follow a moving person, as well as sound an alarm in case of an emergency or detection of an unauthorized person.

A home Wi-Fi camera is a versatile device. Regardless of its application, it will be a great solution for:

  • Ensuring your own safety and your property;
  • Supervising a child, including a babysitter;
  • Supervising elderly or disabled people;
  • Supervision of pets;

No matter in which area you use the camera - you will always get a reliable and high-quality device that will reliably protect your family life and health, as well as property.

Choose a home surveillance camera, which is also convenient to use as a baby monitor, you can in our online store at this link, but by subscribing to our YouTube channel, you will get a special bargain when buying any equipment from our store.

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