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Top 5 budget cameras from professional systems to baby monitors

Top 5 budget cameras from professional systems to baby monitors

It is difficult to imagine modern life without video surveillance. Video surveillance systems are no longer just about protecting large-scale objects. Cameras are everywhere: in public places and private houses, in the entrances of apartment buildings, in shopping malls, stores, restaurants, parks and parking lots. Owners of small and medium-sized businesses are increasingly installing inexpensive video surveillance to increase safety at work. The rapid development of technology contributes to the mass spread of video surveillance, allowing not only to improve video quality and add new advanced features, but also to reduce the cost of cameras.

If you are planning to install video surveillance at home or organize a security system at your facility and are looking for inexpensive surveillance cameras - we offer a brief overview of low-cost cameras Hikvision and Dahua and their sub-brands Ezviz and IMOU. We hope that this text will help you to organize effective inexpensive video surveillance of your home, apartment or business.

Where to start?

First of all, it is worth determining what you expect from a video surveillance camera (or system) - this determines the technical characteristics of the device for your particular case. Will the device be installed indoors or outdoors? How far away from the object to be monitored will the camera be placed? Is surveillance at night relevant? Are you ready to buy a recorder for recording video (appropriate for the street, medium and large offices, small and medium businesses), or do you want the video to be transferred to a cell phone and stored on an SD-card? Given the large number of budget-friendly offerings from well-known brands, all of these things play an important role when choosing video surveillance.

DS-2CE56D0T-IRMMF from Hikvision. Ideal for professional systems

2CE56D0T-IRMMF.jpg (49 KB)

Inexpensive camera one of the market leaders - Chinese company Hikvision, model DS-2CE56D0T-IRMMF features high image quality and reliability in use. It is made in the form of a dome of durable metal alloy with a high degree of protection from adverse weather conditions, dust and moisture IP 66 - which allows it to use both inside and outside the premises.

The camera is hybrid, i.e. is able to work simultaneously with several video formats. It has Full HD 2MP resolution at a recording rate of 20-25 frames per second, which provides a sufficiently detailed video image. The focus of 3.6 mm allows you to observe objects at a great distance. At night, image detail is provided by infrared illumination at a distance of up to 20 m - and the camera switches to night mode automatically, thanks to a built-in sensor.

Запись видео ведется на видеорегистратор. Подойдет Turbo HD и гибридный Hikvision, или регистраторы других брендов, которые поддерживают режимы TVI/HHD/CVI/CVBS.

Although it is a low-cost camera, it is almost an ideal choice for professional systems. This model from Hikvision is quite popular, it is used to build inexpensive video surveillance at a wide variety of sites.

2MP TurboHD outdoor video camera Hikvision DS-2CE17D0T-IT5F (C). Best price/quality ratio

16d0t.jpg (32 KB)

This low-cost camera from Hikvision with fixed focus and high index of protection against moisture, dust and bad weather conditions is one of the most popular models for building professional video surveillance systems in its price segment. The camera is designed for outdoor installation, operates at temperatures from -40 to +60 C.

Expansion of 2MP provides high-quality images with high resolution 1920x1080. For clear night images, this device has infrared illumination, and quite a considerable range - up to 80 meters. The video recording speed is 25-50 frames per second, which provides a smooth picture without delay - in combination with the appropriate DVR. There is a port for four types of video TVI/AHDVI/CVBS, which can be switched with a special joystick.

The plastic cylindrical body (due to which, in particular, the model is cheaper) is rugged and reliable, with a built-in plastic visor. Metal bracket with screws allows you to rotate the camera in the right direction by 360 degrees and fix the direction.

This model is the leader in price/quality ratio among devices with similar functionality and technical characteristics.

DH-HAC-T1A21P from Dahua. Advanced technologies in action

HAC-T1A11P.jpg (28 KB)

This model from Dahua is universal, designed for both indoor and outdoor video surveillance. The inexpensive camera is easy to install and configure and provides excellent images thanks to HDCVI. This is an advanced technology from Dahua, allows you to transmit video signal of good quality at a distance of 1200 meters and supports the connection to DVRs of different formats.

High resolution 2 MP and a lens with a focal length of 2.8 mm and provide exceptional quality shooting, a view radius of 103 degrees allows you to keep in sight the necessary objects. Infrared illumination with a range of up to 20 meters guarantees clear images in the dark.

This inexpensive dome camera from Dahua has a stylish compact design, a high degree of protection from adverse environmental factors, high and low temperatures.

"What if I don't want to buy a DVR, I just need a reliable inexpensive camera at home?" - you will say. Then we will advise to pay attention to brands Ezviz and IMOU, specializing in equipment for smart home, including easy-to-use effective video cameras.

Ezviz CS-C1C (D0-1D2WFR) 2MP Cloud Wi-Fi IP Video Camera. Especially for home and office

ezviz-c-1-c-2.jpg (17 KB)

The Ezviz C1C compact cloud-based IP camcorder is designed for home use: monitoring children in the next room, elderly relatives living separately, and even pets left at home. It is also convenient to use the device in the office.

The device is compact and has a stylish design that will complement any modern interior. But most importantly, this cheap camera has impressive functionality. Full HD format ensures excellent image quality even in low light conditions and infrared illumination provides night visibility up to 12 meters. Two-way audio allows you to not only see, but also talk to whoever is in the room.

This inexpensive Ezviz camera connects via Wi-Fi. For archiving, there is a slot for microSD cards up to 256 GB (you can store video to network recorders).

By installing the EZVIZ mobile app, you can view video and communicate by audio over the phone. The camera has a built-in motion sensor and sends alerts to your phone via the app in case of suspicious events. The magnetic base and mounting kit allow you to mount this budget camera on almost any flat surface. Setup takes no more than a few minutes.

2MP cloud IP video camera IMOU Cue 2 (IPC-C22EP). See and hear everything!

cue-3.jpg (26 KB)

The low-cost IMOU indoor camera with advanced image processing technology is designed for home use. The advanced technology not only detects motion, but also identifies the person in the image and immediately sends an alarm message to your cell phone. This useful feature of the IMOU camera helps to identify real threats and greatly reduce false alarms. A very wide viewing angle of 131 degrees allows you to keep an eye on the entire room.

Thanks to the built-in speaker and microphone, the device has two-way audio, as well as detection of alarm sounds - for example, children's crying. Also in this inexpensive camera IMOU built-in siren, which can scare uninvited guests. Video can be stored on a variety of media: SD card, NVR or cloud storage. Like its predecessor, this camera is wireless, which gives it mobility and a wide range of installation options. Configuration and management is done through the IMOU Life app.

How to find out the default password for Wi-Fi cameras using the IMOU example
Ezviz CS-DP1C second generation Wi-Fi door peephole. Overview and connection
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