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Security for a penny: The cheapest video surveillance camera

Security for a penny: The cheapest video surveillance camera

Organizing a home security system is a guarantee of peace of mind and security. In order not to worry about the safety of your property in case you are away from home for a long time, it is better to install a video surveillance camera. If the budget does not allow you to choose an expensive premium model, you can choose an inexpensive device. The main thing is to make sure that it suits the conditions of your home.

Today it is not difficult to find inexpensive surveillance cameras. To reliably protect your property, you do not need to purchase super-expensive equipment. It is enough to choose a model from the budget segment.

Such a device will provide a complete overview of the territory in real mode. When selecting equipment, you should consider the main parameters:

  • The type and strength of the enclosure. If you don't know which system is best for you, first decide on the place of installation. For the street, the equipment is suitable with protection against aggressive temperatures and protection against atmospheric precipitation, as well as dust. For installation in rooms with high humidity requires a housing with protection against moisture. If the camera will be located in an area favored by offenders, it is better to choose a model with a vandal-resistant housing.
  • Viewing angle (overview). This item refers to the coverage of the video monitoring area and the type of images. They are divided into panoramic and conventional. A model with a small viewing angle conveys the maximum focus, which allows you to consider the objects appearing in the frame in the smallest detail. The disadvantage of such a device - it is not possible to see the whole room, so you may need several cameras at once.
  • Video quality. An important criterion when choosing a security system. You need to make sure that the picture is transmitted with high quality, clear and without artifacts. Also an important role is played by camera resolution, which determines whether the image can be enlarged and detailed. If you need to monitor an area from a large distance, to have detailed data, it is better to use high-resolution equipment.

There are several standards of video surveillance systems: digital (network, ip) and analog. If you need a cheap CCTV camera, the analog version is preferable.

Main characteristics of CCTV cameras

har-ua-1024x576.jpg (65 KB)

The economy class includes devices with a minimum resolution of 1 megapixel, which corresponds to a picture of 1280×720 pixels (comparable with a laptop camera). The maximum resolution is 2 megapixels. This inexpensive option will provide simple monitoring of small rooms. These models do not have a particular light sensitivity and color transmission, but they quite cope with their direct duties. Produce products such brands:

  • Rvi;
  • Optimus;
  • Space Technology;
  • Novicam;
  • IMOU;
  • Abron et al.

Equipment in this category will cost between $37 and $130. The cheapest CCTV camera is mainly made in the drop form factor, which is designed for indoor placement with a focal length of 2.8 - 3.6 mm. Such equipment is suitable for creating surveillance in small areas, in rooms with bright lighting and constant temperature conditions. Easy, simple maintenance, low cost are the main advantages of economy-class devices.

The devices from the IMOU brand are very popular. The models are great for home as well as office or store.

What cheap CCTV camera to choose?

The successful option will be the model that will be best suited to your needs and conditions of use. In order to secure a residential home, it is sufficient to choose a suitable budget equipment with a low resolution.

IMOU Cue 2 (IPC-C22EP)

If we talk about budget IP devices, this option is very reliable and convenient. One of the cheapest ip-cameras is cloud model IMOU Cue 2 (IPC-C22EP). Among its main characteristics are the following:

  • has a resolution of 2 megapixels;
  • It shoots well in the daytime and at night;
  • two-way audio communication, memory card support;
  • transmits both live images and recordings from the archive;
  • supports a proprietary cloud service;

In addition, it is capable of shooting at a frequency of 25 frames per second, and the captured information, thanks to the use of modern codecs, takes up less space on the memory card. Thanks to the technical characteristics, it is possible to record at the necessary time, around the clock, on the motion. The presence of infrared illumination provides clarity and accuracy of the night image. The range is up to 10 meters. The camera can be controlled using a special application IMOU, which is installed on a smartphone with Android or iOS.

IMOU Ranger 2

Another inexpensive ip-camera of this brand - rotating model Ranger 2 (Dahua IPC-A22EP). Despite its affordable price, the device will provide your home with maximum protection and security. A distinctive feature of the device - rotating body with remote control and detection of people. Thanks to high-performance image processing technology, the camera detects people and instantly notifies the owner with a message on the phone. You will be able to quickly respond to such an intrusion.

Information is transmitted without interference, the picture is very clear. You can also activate the privacy mode by pressing the button in the application. The device has a built-in siren, two-way audio communication. Information can be stored on a memory card, DVR or the cloud.

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