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Instructions for connecting and configuring the AJAX Transmitter

Instructions for connecting and configuring the AJAX Transmitter

Ajax Transmitter is a special device that enables the integration of wired sensors into the Ajax system. Its working principle is to encode electrical signals into radio waves and exchange data with the central unit on both sides.

This is a convenient solution for the gradual replacement of old alarm systems with wireless technology (in particular, the use of a hub with the ability to control via smartphone, while retaining the old detectors), as well as the addition of AJAX kits missing sensor devices from other companies.

trans-111-1000x1000-600x600.jpg (30 KB)

The Transmitter is designed as a chip 100x39x22 mm with three pre-installed CR123A 3V batteries.

How do I connect the integration module?

Step-by-step instructions for connecting the Ajax transmitter to wired devices:

  1. Provide access to the detector contacts (you may need to remove the cover).
  2. Connect the cables intended for connection to the control panel to the corresponding sockets of the integrating module (alarm wire and wire from the tamper switch).
  3. Apply power to the receiver and transmitter.
  4. Register the transmitter in the Ajax system. To do this, a hub already added to the program must be working at the object. Next, in the Ajax Security System application, select the menu item "Add device", enter the required name (e.g. "Perimeter") and scan the QR-code on the back of the integration module. The Transmitter must be turned on during the reading of the ID.
  5. Go to the settings of the added "Perimeter" device and select the necessary parameters (status of the external detector, its power supply type, delay time, etc.).
  6. Wait until the transmitter transmits all the information packets to the hub and the smartphone displays the current characteristics (ambient temperature, signal strength, battery charge, case condition, etc.).
  7. Arming the "Perimeter" device and check its functionality.
  8. Remove the transmitter from the alarm system and install it. The module itself can be installed in a separate empty box with a cover opening tamper. The box must be non-metallic, and freely allow radio signals to pass through.

t-2-600x325.jpg (42 KB)

In order to save money, several wired sensors can be connected to one Ajax Transmitter chip. However, if an alarm is triggered on one of them, the notification will not specify which device detected the violation - only general information. The reason for this limitation is that the central perceives the Transmitter as a single sensor, and cannot "see" the attached devices separately.

Buy Ajax Transmitter integration module at an affordable price with delivery in Kiev and Ukraine you can in our online store, make an order online, using the shopping cart or by calling on the phone numbers listed on the site.

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