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How to delete and create groups in Ajax Systems alarms

How to delete and create groups in Ajax Systems alarms

With the new firmware of OS Malevich 2.6 central controllers in the Ajax system it is now possible to partition the object into groups. In many wired alarm systems this is an engineering setting for security company specialists, so not all users know what is the purpose of this function and how it can be applied in practice.

Groups are defined zones in which certain logical rooms with sensors installed in them can be added. They are created to isolate any areas in one object from each other. Groups can be used to:

  • independently activate and deactivate the alarm system in a particular room (or several rooms) - store, cabinet, office, cash register, etc;
  • assign separate users for each group;
  • to deliver to customers' phones alarms only from those sensors that are installed on their premises (all alarms at the facility will only see the administrator, and at the conclusion of the contract - the dispatcher of the guard desk).

How to create?

In the regular version of Ajax Hub you can create up to 9 groups, in Hub Plus - up to 25.

To perform this operation, you need to use the Ajax Security System program, which is already running, with a connected Hub, sensor devices and several registered rooms. In the program, select the menu item "Add Group", then enter the desired rooms and configure access rights.

After dividing the object into sections, the interface of the mobile application will change slightly - there will be separate Offices (or other preset names). They will be able to be armed and disarmed independently of each other. Thus, if one commercial pavilion, office, etc. closes early, the trusted user will easily activate the alarm in the abandoned area, while the work will still be going on next door.

How to remove?

The Ajax Systems alarm app does not have a "delete group" button, but this is not required. To make a previously created zone no longer function separately, just go into the settings and simply disable it. Rooms can then be added to new associations.

If all existing groups are disabled, the object is displayed in the application in the same way as in the beginning - that is, it is armed and disarmed as a whole, without dividing into areas.

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