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How to connect a 12V tap to an Ajax alarm. Setup and scenario of operation

How to connect a 12V tap to an Ajax alarm. Setup and scenario of operation

Today for the prevention of water leaks in residential areas are widely used signaling devices with autonomous control. But for their correct work it is necessary to properly connect all nodes and mechanisms, as well as to configure the software package.

In this article we will look at how the Ajax alarm system can work as part of an uninterruptible power supply unit and an electromechanical ball valve, how to connect these units, as well as how to properly configure them to work with each other.

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To add 12-volt ball valves to an Ajax safety system, a relay is usually used to monitor the flow of water. No less important element in such a set of equipment is an uninterruptible power supply, since the alarm system itself runs on batteries. The main device - the hub - is equipped with a built-in battery, which allows to extend the operation of the system without connection to the main power grid for about 10 hours.

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It is important to install this type of equipment responsibly, because the safety of your home depends on its proper configuration. The electro-mechanical ball valve is connected to the Ajax safety system in several steps:

  1. Connecting an uninterruptible power supply.
  2. Tapping into the main pipe inside the house that supplies water to all parts of the house.
  3. Adding Ajax signaling paramount segments to existing communications.

To make this connection, you first need a hub, the most important alarm hub. Functioning under the control of a mobile app, this device controls the operation of all other connected equipment.

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Thanks to the hub, leak protection is automatic, without human intervention.  In addition, flood sensors are required for the system to work. Their purpose is to respond to water. To do this, special contacts are provided on such devices. If water gets on them, the flood sensor will transmit a corresponding warning signal to the main hub.

12v-4-1024x576.jpg (56 KB)

Electromechanical ball valves - the main link in the future system. Among all possible options, it is best to choose Gidrolock or Neptun products. An uninterruptible battery unit is needed to connect all the devices working in a single flood protection system. In addition, you will need a relay from Ajax, which will work as an executing device.

12v-5-1024x576.jpg (47 KB)

When the flood sensor detects water, it will send a signal to the hub, which in turn will send the signal to a relay that controls the closing or opening of the ball valve. Some channels may require an additional relay to control the ball valve according to a specific principle.

Preparing the water leakage protection system for operation

The work of connecting an electromechanical crane must begin with connecting its outgoing wiring. The brown wire usually carries the "plus" from the uninterruptible power supply. The black wire is responsible for the control. The gray wire is the ground wire. When the black wire is grounded, the shutter opens or closes.

12v-6-1024x576.jpg (79 KB)

The main thing is that the electromechanical ball valve has one 12 volt power wire and another wire for grounding. The brown and gray wires are connected in the same way.

12v-7-1024x576.jpg (77 KB)

To start the connected system, you must press the hub's power button.

Through the application on which you have registered, you must add the hub itself by means of a QR code. When the hub starts up, you need to connect the power and the Ethernet cable. Then you need to add the hub to the application by giving it any name you want. Having scanned the QR code, press the "OK" button.

12v-8-1024x576.jpg (66 KB)

The flood protection detector is added to the alarm application in the same way: scan the QR code, press the device well and make the indicator light up. As the detector is waterproof, the button in the most known models is combined with the case, that's why it is necessary to press it as hard as it is possible. Do not be afraid that the sensor will break. After that, it remains to add roles to the software package, allowing you to control the closure of water. Here it is necessary to do everything by analogy:

  1. Click "Add device", but before starting it, you should apply power to it from the UPS and check if the light turns on.
  2. Scan the QR code.
  3. Select a room and press the "OK" button on the device itself.

12v-9-1024x576.jpg (70 KB)

If done correctly, the end result is that when you press "minus" the water regulating mechanism will close and when you press "back" it will open.

When you connect a voltage of 220 V Ajax system works completely independently, you only need to set the automatic shutoff of water supply when water appears in the contacts of the sensors. 

Sensor setting when using an auxiliary relay

Consider connecting an electromechanical crane using an additional relay. It is required if there are no additional "minus" connections in the connection.

The water leakage protection system includes a ball valve connected directly from the uninterruptible power supply with no possibility of disconnection. But it is necessary to change the "plus". That is, we first put a "plus" on the red wire, in which case the faucet opens. When we need to close it, we have to remove the "plus" from the red wire and feed it to the green one.

12v-11-1024x576.jpg (66 KB)

It is almost always possible for the user to add another signal - either "plus" or "minus" - but will not be able to switch it, because the software settings of the equipment do not allow it. It is necessary to use a relay for this purpose. The signal should be fed to an additional device in which the "plus" will be on the same contacts when the power is on. In the absence of such "plus" will appear on the other contact. In this way the water flow is controlled.

After connecting the sensor and relay, proceed to the programming stage.

12v-10-1024x576.jpg (74 KB)

The Ajax alarm system includes a control option installed in the system hub, which will be responsible for shutting off the water when it appears on the sensor contacts. Such an event signals a flood in the house or apartment.

To debug the corresponding script, you need to go into the settings of our Ajax relay.

Now when changing the armed mode, we can set the triggering of the system by schedule or time. When setting on alarm it is necessary to mark the sensor in the program, as well as to provide for changing the position of the relay. I.e. it must either turn on or off. All settings should be made based on the type of relay connection. Next, it will be necessary to turn off the faucet so that it closes correctly.

12v-12-1024x576.jpg (65 KB)

After completing the settings, you should check if the Ajax flood protection is working correctly.

When the water supply is just open, the sensors should not respond. But when the water starts to hit the sensor itself, the hub should get an alarm, which, with the right settings, will cause the water flow to stop completely automatically.

The idea of the safety system is that when water flows from an open faucet, it will certainly be detected by the sensor. Then the system reacts to such an event by shutting off the water supply tap. As a result, the safety of the apartment is ensured even in the absence of the occupants.

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