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Ezviz ez360 budget PTZ cameras for home or office surveillance

Ezviz ez360 budget PTZ cameras for home or office surveillance

CCTV camera EZVIZ ez360 is a rotating camera for home, office, which works with IP connection or LAN cable connection directly. It is made in the form of a dome and can be installed on any surface, as well as attached to a small bracket on the wall, ceiling, both vertically and horizontally. The camera occupies one of the leading positions in the number of sales due to its functionality and quality of picture transmission.

Features of the EZVIZ ez360 video camera

The camera for tracking comes complete with wall plugs, bracket for mounting on steep surfaces, also included USB power cable and the 5V voltage converter. As a power source can be used and portable chargers, such as powerbank. For recording, a mini memory card of up to 128 GB is used. In order to save memory space, the camera has a secure format function. The camcorder can also record data to cloud storage, which allows you to save large amounts of information without having to format the microSD.

The device consumes Internet traffic only when the user or system accesses the application. This happens in the case of controlling the camera through the software, changing settings, when the camera captures motion, takes a picture, and sends the data to the user. Another feature of the video camera EZVIZ ez360 - in the hidden slot to install a memory card, that is, a person who has not encountered such a surveillance device, can not quickly dismantle it.

Particular attention can be paid to the quality of photos and video, despite the image resolution of only 2 megapixels, photos are sharp, without squares and blurs. Video quality can be adjusted by selecting HD, high and medium quality modes.

The advantage of the rotary camera is the ability to synchronize its work with the system "Smart House", as well as with the alarm system via RTSP.

Features and capabilities of the EZVIZ ez360 video camera

The camera has its own intelligence, which distinguishes it from other surveillance devices. By intelligence is meant the function of tracking a moving object. The camera captures this object and follows it until it is outside the view of the device. At the same time, the quality of the picture does not suffer under any variables, for example, the object moves quickly.

The tracking device has the ability to take a panoramic picture of the room in 360 ° with a horizontal angle of view of 72 °. This is a convenient feature that allows you to capture the entire plan of the room, in addition, thanks to this picture in the camera application, it will be possible to quickly move around the perimeter.

The two-way audio function is designed to be appreciated by employers, responsible parents and pet owners. Communication with the support of communication allows you to control the work process, monitor children and pets with the ability to prevent unpleasant situations.

Rotary camcorder is equipped with another useful function - it's a night shooting within 10 meters. To improve the quality of filming at night, the surveillance camera is equipped with an infrared indicator, which gives enough light to record a good picture.

Let's not forget to mention the Privat function, which will protect your privacy for the duration of your stay in the surveillance access point. When you turn on this feature, the camera moves into the housing and does not shoot. When the button is disabled, the camera returns to its original position.

Connecting the surveillance system to a smartphone

The EZVIZ ez360 camera is connected via a special application from EZVIZ, which can be downloaded both from Play Market for Android devices and from the App Store for Apple. Having installed the software from the manufacturer it is necessary to register to create a personal account and also to scan the QR code of the camera itself. The application will detect the video camera in a few seconds and synchronizes it with your portable device. After the synchronization, you will have the following functions in the software:

  • Movement of the camera to the right, left, down, up. The control is possible via touch screen, the device is very easy to adjust manually via gadget.
  • With the app, third parties can be added to the surveillance system. To do this, the second and subsequent users need to create an account and the responsible owner needs to add them.
  • Enable and disable the following functions: night video recording, panoramic image, privacy function, object tracking.
  • It is possible to enable video encryption. It is used when it is necessary to temporarily transfer the rights to the device without the possibility for an outsider to view the captured video, photo.

There are also additional functions, such as changing the access password, setting the time zone, date format, settings for getting information about updating the application, video and photos from the camera, as well as disconnecting the connection between the application and the camcorder.

To summarize, it is safe to say that if you need to monitor the staff in a private home, apartment or office, a school-age child or teenager, an elderly person, the video camera EZVIZ ez360 will be an indispensable assistant.

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