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Ezviz CS-DP1C second generation Wi-Fi door peephole. Overview and connection

Ezviz CS-DP1C second generation Wi-Fi door peephole. Overview and connection

More recently, the smart door peephole from Ezviz entered the market, but now it is the second, improved generation. The last version of the device became very popular due to its easy installation and configuration, as well as its wide functionality. Further in the blog we will deal with the new model, consider the procedure of installation of the gadget and pairing with the manufacturer's application.

Features and characteristics of the peephole

hd-dp1c.jpg (36 KB)

The new version of the CS-DP1C door peephole has a number of advantages, which, by the way, are indicated on the box. It shows that the manufacturer is proud of its device and has brought the options to perfection. The list of pluses includes:

  1. Motion detection. The peephole constantly monitors the surroundings by means of a sensor and displays the call button on the central panel.
  2. Powerful battery. The 4,600 mAh battery capacity ensures that the ringer will last a very long time before it has to be recharged.
  3. The camera resolution is 1 megapixel. Despite the low figure, it is enough to see the visitor. Of course, the manufacturer could have given a clearer picture, but for energy saving reasons did not do so.
  4. Built-in ringer. When you press the button on the outside panel of the peephole, the call signal is broadcast through the system monitor. The volume is loud enough that even the elderly can hear the sound.
  5. Night illumination. You won't have any problems using the peephole in the dark because the soft backlighting will indicate the location of the controls.

Thus, the door peephole with camera, if not a substitute for IP-video intercom, then at least close to it in functionality. And if you do not have the money to buy a full-fledged entry control system, the video peephole is a great alternative. The only thing he can not do - is to open the lock on demand.

The device comes with

They say you can tell a lot by the way the kit looks in the box. First of all, the outer part of the peephole comes into view, which has a camera, motion sensor and bell.

ze-1-1024x576.jpg (60 KB)

The element is made in a housing made of a strong zinc alloy and does not leave gaps during installation.

Also in the box is a landing strip for the response panel, a power supply and charging cable for the peephole, as well as a set of fixing tools for different door webs. Naturally, there is an instruction manual for quick use of the peephole.

The last component is the monitor, which, in fact, is just a display device. It has no additional functionality, except for the memory card slot. It is not even touch-sensitive, and the control is only one button, which can be used to answer the call.

ze-2-1024x576.jpg (49 KB)

The WiFi video eyeglass can only be configured via a smartphone with the installed proprietary application. This is quite convenient, because the manufacturer did not increase the price and add power to the monitor to set the menu and processing of additional functions. The device from Ezviz became a budget, but comfortable solution.

Installing the gadget

The procedure for installing the digital peephole is extremely easy and can even be done by someone who has never installed a light bulb in a socket. First, you need to dismantle the regular peephole, which is simply unscrewed into two parts, and then removed from the seat.

ze-3-1024x576.jpg (54 KB)

You have to install the outer part first and run the wire through the supplied bracket. In the middle of the latter there is a hole in which you need to insert the screw from the box. It remains to screw it until it is securely fastened (until the peephole is against the door leaf with a minimum gap).

The bracket will prevent vandals from pulling or squeezing the peephole, while the door will remain undamaged. In the next step, the wire is inserted into a special connector on the monitor, and the screen is placed on the same bracket, covering the unaesthetic mounting area.

ze-4-1024x576.jpg (60 KB)

Beforehand you should charge the monitor, which contains a battery, and immediately after connection the backlight on its physical button will light up - the peephole will be ready to work. That's the end of the job, you don't need to drill anything and make a mess in the hallway. It does not hurt to check how firmly the door peephole with camera and motion sensor is held - it should not wobble and play.

Working with the application

First, you should download the official EZVIZ application from the built-in store, and then register and fill out a personal account. Keep in mind that the contact information must be real, because that is where you will receive notifications and messages.

To add a device, click on the QR code scanning button, select the type of gadget and point to the back of the monitor. The encrypted connection code is also duplicated on the home screen, so you don't need to remove the display to read it.

If you suddenly don't succeed, reset your settings to the factory defaults. To do this, just hold down the physical key, and then specify the operation by pressing once. Next, connect the device to the WiFi network by selecting the desired router in the list.

The system will automatically configure the device and establish a connection, after which the image from the peephole itself will appear on the screen. Information about the Internet signal quality, remaining battery percentage will be available in the equipment menu. You will be able to disable the audio call, set the date and time for correct recording.

If you use multiple Ezviz devices, you can specify their locations in the rooms to group the equipment into separate categories. If you click on the tile with a video call, you get access to additional features:

  • video archive - this is where the recordings that were made by the peephole are saved;
  • snapshot - you can take a picture of the visitor;
  • recording - if something suspicious happens on the other side of the door, it will be useful to make a video recording;
  • call log - the time of visits is displayed here;
  • talk - if you are not at home, you can still answer the visitor through the phone.

It is also possible to transfer the rights to view the peephole to another person, adjust the backlighting of the outer part and even the ringtone. We recommend checking the system updates regularly, this item is also in the settings. Ezviz regularly makes improvements to the gadgets and fixes bugs that can affect the safety of the owner.

Motion detection allows you to be notified every time someone passes in front of the door. In case of unhealthy activity, you can turn on a video and see what is going on in front of the door - perhaps this way you will notice illegal actions with personal property.

So, the Ezviz CS-DP1C door peephole is a modern and functional device that increases security. You can create the effect of presence in the house even if you're not really there. And when children stay at home, they don't have to risk talking to a stranger - you do it from your smartphone.

In the range of you will find both high-tech video eyes and other devices. For example, Ezviz has released an excellent door lock with smart functions, which is worth paying attention to. These devices will perfectly complement each other and protect you from unwanted guests.

Our managers will be happy to advise you on the various possibilities of the mechanisms, and craftsmen will install individual security devices or install the entire system "turnkey" to avoid mistakes.

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