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Ezviz C1HC cloud-based Wi-Fi home camera review

Ezviz C1HC cloud-based Wi-Fi home camera review

Ensuring the security of your home is a priority for many people. Most owners of apartments and private homes prefer to see with their own eyes everything that happens in their absence. But how do you get accurate information? With a video camera, of course.

Unfortunately, none of us is immune from trouble. Theft, adultery, violence, unworthy behavior of household members - it all happens everywhere. But, fortunately, we live in the age of innovative technology and can prevent or notice an emergency situation in time.

Home video surveillance allows you to provide full control over everything that happens to your relatives. You can monitor children who are left alone or with a babysitter, watch sick family members who are under the care of caregivers. The camera will save you from having to worry unnecessarily.

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But how do you choose the right device? It all depends on the goals you are pursuing. You also need to understand where you plan to use it and how much you expect to pay. There are many different devices on the digital market today. One of the most interesting models is a camera from the company Ezviz.

Features of the Ezviz C1HC Wi-Fi Video Camera

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In the Ukrainian market, the brand of home video surveillance appeared recently. Ezviz is a Chinese manufacturer and a sub-brand of the leader of professional video surveillance systems Hikvision. The new line of cameras is incredibly easy to use. The entire series was created with the expectation of joint use with a cell phone. It is very convenient because the owner has constant access to the device. It can be controlled from a mobile app.

First of all, the developers have made it possible to connect the camera to a wireless Wi-Fi network. To configure the device, you need to use your smartphone. To do this, you should download a special application from Goole Play or App Store. In the same way it will be possible to connect the gadget.  The procedure itself is not complicated, and it does not require any particular skills.

c1hc-2-1024x576.jpg (72 KB)

This wi fi surveillance camera will be an excellent solution for simple and affordable remote monitoring of an apartment, house or even a small office. It is characterized by the following parameters:

  • compact dimensions;
  • stylish, modern design;
  • Connecting wirelessly via a program on your smartphone;
  • recording video with audio to a memory card or cloud storage;
  • Send PUSH-notifications to your smartphone when the slightest movement is detected.

It blends harmoniously into any interior and becomes an integral part of it. The device has the necessary functionality to provide high quality video. It is able to shoot in any conditions and at any time of the day.

The technical side of a home surveillance camera

At first glance, this device cannot accommodate the extensive set of functions it possesses. But the manufacturers managed to make this tiny device into a full-fledged technological solution. It will help you when you are away or absent for a long time and will transmit all the information in a convenient format.

c1hc-1-1024x579.jpg (61 KB)

Ezviz C1HC model successfully combines intelligent functions and quality video recording, powerful infrared illumination with an advanced night vision system for 12 meters. Although this wifi camera for home has a rather modest size, it transmits a clear picture even when shooting in unfavorable conditions (low light, total absence of light or its excessive brightness).

Among the main characteristics are:

  • day and night shooting mode;
  • A wide-angle lens that can even cover large areas;
  • matrix with FullHD resolution;
  • two-way audio technology;
  • memory card slot up to 256 GB;
  • online storage of the recording (in the EZVIZ Cloud storage).

P2P technology is also implemented for operational remote access. IP video camera with 2 Mpx resolution has motion detection function, i.e. it can instantly inform about intrusion of intruders through the application. The built-in microphone and speaker form a two-way audio connection. Thanks to this, it is possible to communicate with those who stayed at home via voice chat.

Additional advantages of the Ezviz camera

One of the important advantages of the device is the magnetic handy foot, which can be glued to any metal surface. The infrared illumination allows you to view the room at night when there is not enough light.

Another plus of the product is in its configuration:

  • power supply - it is allowed to use PowerBank (so the camera can work in the absence of 220 W, though not for long);
  • Power cord - goes from the unit to the device itself, a length of about 3 m (it is more convenient to lay the device when fixing it to the ceiling or wall);
  • Washer - fixed to the shelf, the wall for greater stability of the device.

Also included in the package is a clear instruction, with which the device is easy and fast to connect. There is a description of what you need to do to add the camera to the application from Ezviz.

The highlight of the model - a compact body and concise design, which allows you to fit perfectly into any interior.

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