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Comfortable alarm system upgrade with Ajax MultiTransmitter!

Comfortable alarm system upgrade with Ajax MultiTransmitter!

Do you have problems with your security system? Constantly "glitching" the old alarm system, tired of receiving calls from security guards about the triggering of sensors and complaints that you need to clean sensors, repair them or buy new ones? The best way out of this situation is to install an Ajax MultiTransmitter, which allows you to disable your old alarm system and connect all of your existing sensors to it.

The device went on sale a year ago and is now gaining rapid popularity. After all, with its entry into the market, Ajax has made a big leap towards leading alarms and has given the user the opportunity to move away from the leading central of any brand and install the Ajax MultiTransmitter by connecting it to the HUB.

How does it work? For example, you have an alarm system installed that you use, but you are already planning to give it up, even if you use it exclusively for yourself, without being connected to a security service. It could be an alarm system in a small house or in a dacha, where you keep building materials, lawn mowers, chainsaws and other expensive things.

Or you have a warehouse with equipment under the alarm system, SMS alerts are sent to three guards at once, but you want to receive all the alerts on your smartphone. If you decide to modernize an outdated security system, the first thing you need to look at is Ajax MultiTransmitter. With this system, all data and alerts can be received in a mobile app.

Connecting the Ajax MultiTransmitter is very quick and easy. You need to de-energize the old alarm system and connect the MultiTransmitter with all sensors, keeping the previous wiring sequence. If you have three loops, three groups, and you want to combine it all into one common alarm system, connect the Ajax MultiTransmitter up to three zones and then split into the desired groups.

For example, the warehouse, the accounting department and the director's office. If it is a private house, the sensors can be divided into groups of first and second floor, attic and so on. The device allows you to connect up to 18 desired zones to the system. If you have fire sensors, which at the time of triggering an audible signal, then after the system is disarmed, you need to reset them. For this purpose, the device has a separate zone where you can simply reset the previous ones using only the mobile app.

After connecting the Ajax MultiTransmitter, you can immediately control the system from your smartphone. To do this, go to the mobile app, write the name of the device and add it to the system by scanning the QR code on the device itself. After that, gently specify the rooms and turn off and then turn on the power. Everything, Ajax is connected.

In the settings of the mobile app you can see the instructions, disable the sirens or activate them in case of emergency. Also, in the app you can track the status of the enclosure and external power, which is very convenient and contributes to the reliability of the security system.

In the bottom tab "Device" for convenience there is an option to add its name. For example "Door", if the sensor is installed on the door, first group, sales area. After assigning a name, you can directly go to this sensor and control its settings. For example, to put the entry delay (if you have a keypad deactivation at the door) or the delay in the night mode.

In general, the night mode is very convenient, because with it you can arm only the perimeter of the house and the opening sensors. In this case, the system will be triggered if someone tries to enter the room, but will not be triggered on internal movement, if you want to eat or go to the toilet at night. Also, you can set the type of event: intrusion, fire, medical assistance, gas, and the like.

If you have the sensor on the safe, you can activate the function "always active", so that no attempt to open it will not go unnoticed. In addition, you can set the parameters of pulse duration, resistance of the resistor, and in case of an alarm event, instantly activate the siren. After making the settings, arm the system, after which all notifications instantly appear in the mobile application on the phone.

At the same time there will be alerts from other, wired sensors of the security system. Thus, you can combine the security system by connecting seven to eight sensors to the transmitter, break them up into zones and groups and use the whole system conveniently.

If desired, it is possible to divide into groups the rooms with the old alarm system and those where new wireless sensors are installed. In this way, it is easy to upgrade the entire system by replacing just one center, and without spending significant budgets. The Ajax MultiTransmitter can be connected either by yourself or with the help of qualified personnel.

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