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Alarm button DoubleButton: a new Ajax alarm system

Alarm button DoubleButton: a new Ajax alarm system

The Ajax line of security equipment has been expanded with another device - the DoubleButton alarm button. It is a versatile device to activate an alarm in the most urgent situations where an incorrect triggering or failure could be dangerous to the user. Because the button is part of the Ajax ecosystem, it is as functional and special as possible.

Features of the DoubleButton alarm button

The Ajax alarm system with this button becomes even more effective because it allows you to activate the alarm and report the danger to the alarm desk. It is sufficient to press the buttons according to a pre-programmed script to send a signal to the alarm panel and to the connected application.

False positives can be avoided - the module consists of two buttons that are separated by a plastic partition and have a tight mechanism. This means that when the button is carried in a bag or pocket, accidental presses are avoided. In addition, the DoubleButton supports a confirmed alarm function, which means that an alarm can be set to go off for a specific combination of presses.

Long presses, short presses and their combination are supported, for example, it is possible to give activation rights only to authorized people, thinking through the alarm activation system to minimize the risk of false alarms. The device connects to the hub using the Jeweller wireless protocol, which has high security and a range of up to 1,300 meters.

Successful sending of the alarm signal is confirmed by a blinking LED, while the alarm data itself is protected by AES algorithm, excluding the interception of information and the creation of a copy of the device. Even the alarm button is protected from radio interference created by intruders, as it switches to any free radio frequency and sends jamming information to the security company and authorized users.

Due to its cleverness, the alarm button can be activated from a wide variety of locations, because it can be placed:

  • on the guard's neck;
  • under the desk of the officer in charge;
  • in a pocket or bag;
  • at the front door or on the bedroom wall;
  • in a secret place in the car.

To hold it securely in place, it uses a special mount that keeps the device mobile. You can always take it with you if the situation requires it, or put it back in its place. Plus, the user can set up full-fledged scenarios, so in addition to the alarm, you can set up the triggering of rollers, triggering smoke, activation of fire alarms, other functions related to the response to the alarm.

Ajax alarm system is reliability and simplicity

The alarm system from the Ajax brand is designed with the utmost precision, especially when it comes to the security of the device itself. The list of benefits that make the DoubleButton an excellent choice include:

  • protection against dust and moisture at the level of IP55, which means that even in the rain or in case of short-term ingress of water the equipment will retain its operability;
  • operation in a wide temperature range - from -10 degrees to +40 degrees, which allows you to use the button both in summer and in winter without inconvenience;
  • built-in battery that works for five years without replacement or recharging - the device is fully autonomous;
  • reliable housing, made of high quality material, which allows them to last for thousands of pressings without significant wear and tear.

Installing the alarm button is as simple as possible - you just need to add it to the mobile application for users Ajax Security System for Android or iOS devices. The device should only be attached to the surface, setting up a pairing with a smartphone, and then it is ready to work. In the interface of the software it is possible to set scripts and customize the response to clicks, and then the button is ready to work.

Choose an Ajax alarm system

To buy DoubleButton and the rest of Ajax system - use the site, which is the official partner of the security brand. Each customer has access to a wide range of products and professional advice, and if you want you can order a turnkey configuration and installation of the system, avoiding errors and incorrect operation in the future.

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