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Ajax StreetSiren DoubleDeck - street siren with advertising panel

Ajax StreetSiren DoubleDeck - street siren with advertising panel

One of Ajax Systems' exciting new products in 2020 is the new Ajax StreetSiren DoubleDeck street siren with the ability to put ads on the front surface. It's an advanced wireless technology that will be marketed alongside the already well-known StreetSiren, but with important advantages.

To begin with, let us note that the street siren format itself is a great solution for those customers who want to not only activate the protection of an object at the right moment, but also have a deterrent effect on the offender. Unlike conventional sensors, which are mounted indoors in order to instantly detect unwanted activity, outdoor sirens are largely aimed at preventing intrusions.

Features of the new StreetSiren DoubleDeck

doubledeck-2.jpg (71 KB)

The Ajax StreetSiren DoubleDeck draws attention to an incident with a powerful sound and flashing bright LEDs. They raise the alarm literally to the entire street. Often such a reaction is enough to stop further intrusion into the facility.

The new Ajax street siren has a buzzer of up to 113 dB and a bright LED ring to visually indicate the alarm situation. The volume and duration of the alarm can be adjusted and changed in the smartphone app.

The siren has a vandal-proof sealed housing, protected against temperature jumps and precipitation. The protection index is IP54, which allows the device to be installed on the outside of the building without a canopy.

The siren communicates with the Ajax security center via Jeweller radio protocol. The alarm response is triggered in as little as 0.3 seconds. StreetSiren DoubleDeck has an uninterrupted service life of up to 5 years on one set of batteries. It can be connected to an external power source if desired.

Brandplate faceplate for advertising

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The StreetSiren DoubleDeck street siren can be connected to a special faceplate for advertising. It is worth mentioning that the branding of street sirens is a popular trend in many global security markets - particularly in the UK. Ajax succeeded in a very interesting and functional implementation of this solution.

Advertising on the street siren is as follows: the logo or contacts of the security / installation company is applied to the body of the front panel and securely attached to it with four plastic latches and a screw. Given that any siren is placed outdoors, this allows for excellent visibility of promotional information on the front panel. All neighbors in the house or office, as well as all passersby will notice the advertising and unknowingly "get to know" the brand.

The faceplate for branding a street siren is made in black and white. Its dimensions are 184 × 184 × 17 mm, weight - 111 grams. Operating temperature range - from -25°C to +60°C. Relative humidity - up to 95%.

The Brandplate is sold separately from the Ajax StreetSiren DoubleDeck. You can buy this accessory as well as the street siren itself in the PIPL online store!

Where can I use the Ajax StreetSiren DoubleDeck?

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With its flexible settings, the StreetSiren DoubleDeck can be easily configured to protect any facility. Whether it's a quiet cottage community or a noisy industrial area, the device will be appropriate in any area.

Simply adjust the settings depending on the situation: the buzzer's operating time ranges from 3 to 180 seconds, and the power is 85 to 113 dB. If you want, you can turn off the sound completely, only the light alarm will remain. Through the application, you can set which sensors will trigger the siren.

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