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Ajax StarterKit: Reliable home security with a smart alarm system

Ajax StarterKit: Reliable home security with a smart alarm system

A completely new generation of Ajax StarterKit housing security systems is unlike any other kit on the market. The smart alarm system is completely constructed according to the manufacturer's own technology and features a combination of the most modern electronic components, an attractive design, and high reliability.

This security system is able to surprise even the experienced user with its functionality and ease of use. Let's understand why the manufacturer managed to achieve such results?

Ajax StarterKit contents and purpose of devices

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First, let's define what devices are included in the Ajax StarterKit. There are only four items:

  1. Ajax Hub central console;
  2. DoorProtect tamper switch;
  3. MotionProtect motion detector;
  4. SpaceControl functional remote control.

The base contains the most necessary elements to form a reliable protection of any room. The sensors continuously monitor the assigned area and transmit information to the central hub.

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The kit can be expanded with additional sensors from the Ajax ecosystem, which are not included in the starter kit:

  • DoorProtect Plus;
  • GlassProtect;
  • CombiProtect;
  • MotionProtect Plus;
  • HomeSiren.

5 main features and 3 important advantages of Ajax Starterkit

When designing the center console and sensors, the manufacturer did not focus on generic solutions, but developed a completely new product. The best components were used, and previously non-existent technologies developed by Ajax engineers were implemented. The company has registered five patents on them.

Of the electronic components, the five most important elements are worth mentioning:

  • wireless communication module Jeweller, which has a working communication distance of up to 2 km;
  • ultra-thin power supply, the development of which made it possible to reduce the housing to 4 cm;
  • real time OS transmits alarms in milliseconds;
  • ARM processor efficiently distributes power for critical tasks;
  • redundant GSM communication module.

It is these elements that define the functionality of Ajax StarterKit. The system can be safely installed in any corner of a private house or on several floors of an apartment building. Due to the large range of operation Ajax StarterKit is widely used in offices and shopping centers.

The advantages of Ajax StarterKit are fully derived from its unique layout:

  • Ajax StarterKit works steadily, even with a GPRS internet speed of 0.5 kbit/sec;
  • complete protection against tampering. The system monitors for possible radio transmission interference, tampering with the sensor housing, or power outage;
  • energy saving operation. Replacement of power supply in sensors up to once in 7 years.

Immediately after purchase the system is ready for full-fledged operation. The manufacturer has made the installation as easy as possible for the average user who is not familiar with security systems. For this purpose, developed a special software Ajax SmartPlacement, with which you can determine the best place to install sensors. Perform accurate installation of all devices in the kit allows special mountings SmartBracket.

All the system management functions are concentrated in the Ajax Security System mobile app. With its help, you can arm or disarm the house, control the sensitivity and ping time sensors, and much more. A unique collaborative security system allows multiple users to connect to Ajax StarterKit control and alarm messages will be sent to all at once. And in the general chat you can save the history of communication between users.

Integration of Ajax StarterKit with security company remote control

If you want to connect your home system to the alarm panel, no additional modifications, installation and settings are required. All you need is to apply to the selected company with one button. This is very modern and convenient.

In the online store PIPL smart alarm system Ajax StarterKit you can buy at a very favorable price. Make your home truly modern and secure, join the ranks of satisfied users of the best-selling security alarm system in Ukraine.

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