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Ajax StarterKit Cam: starter kit with alarm photo verification - new components and features

Ajax StarterKit Cam: starter kit with alarm photo verification - new components and features

In today's fast-paced world, we are increasingly aware of various scientific developments and new technologies that significantly affect our daily lives, helping us in one area of activity or another. Ordinary processes are simplified, saving precious time and effort for their implementation.

So today the company Ajax has presented us a new and innovative product - a starter kit security system with photo verification alarm StarterKit Cam. What is its fundamental difference from the previous two sets Ajax StarterKit and Ajax StarterKit Plus? To do this, let's look at what components make up this kit and what functionality they have.

Accessories and features of the Ajax StarterKit Cam components

The StarterKit Cam includes four devices:

Hub 2

hub2@1x.jpg (34 KB)

Hub 2 is the Hub, the brain of the system, which has 3 communication channels - 2 Sim cards working on 2G standard and connection via Ethernet channel, but its main notable difference from its predecessors - the Hub interacts with sensors that can send pictures, to date it is MotionCam motion sensor. Why does this work, because the hub contains 2 radio protocols - Jeweler protocol, which carries out the delivery of alarms, which we talked about earlier in our reviews and the protocol Wings. Wings is responsible for picture delivery, informatively complementing the alarm delivery stream.

Also, this hub still supports 100 devices, 50 users, 50 rooms, has 3 types of notification - call, message, push (alarm: delivery time 0.15 sec); distance, in open space conditions, to the sensor up to 2000 meters, supports up to 25 cameras or DVRs and also hub can withstand without power 220 volt 16 hours by charging from built-in battery.


motioncam@1x.jpg (18 KB)

The next thing that comes in the kit is the Ajax MotionCam photo-recording motion sensor. What is its direct functionality? When the system is armed and the motion sensor sensor detects that the room is penetrated and there is any movement, it immediately sends a series of photos (see our reviews on configuring the sensor, which are links in the description under the video) and in turn the user receives a push-notification with photo confirmation of what is happening at the protected area at the moment. Photo-confirmation we can get in the form of GIF document or as a series of broken 3 or 5 photos (adjustable in the settings) and save to the memory of the gadget, each five hundredth event will be deleted and replaced by the new one.


doorptotect@1x.jpg (34 KB)

The kit also includes a DoorProtect door sensor, which reacts instantly to the opening and is guaranteed to help organize with this starter kit the security of the so-called "entrance group".


spacecontrol@1x.jpg (81 KB)

And last, but not least, the standard SpaceControl remote key fob is included to arm and disarm the system, to activate night mode and with an alarm button, one press of which will call for backup in an emergency situation.

And in conclusion, it should be noted that after testing and reviewing this system, we concluded that it is an ideal solution for premises where there is no need to put full video surveillance and where there is a demand to instantly get a short video or photographic confirmation of what is happening on the site, in case of unauthorized entry. False alarms caused, for example, by pets weighing over 20 kg will be completely eliminated.

In the online store PIPL smart alarm system Ajax StarterKit Cam you can buy at a very favorable price. Make your home truly modern and secure, join the ranks of satisfied users of the best-selling security alarm system in Ukraine.

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