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Ajax signaling: about the system's executables

Ajax signaling: about the system's executables

Ajax - a comprehensive protection system, alarm system, which can be used in the office, apartment, house. It consists of executing devices: Ajax Socket, Ajax WallSwitch, Ajax Relay.

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Why are they called actuators? Quite simply, they perform a specific function. They are not key fobs or sensors. For example, they are designed to turn on the water heater, the electric battery - each device has its own purpose. Let's look briefly at each of them.

  • Ajax Socket is a radio controlled smart socket equipped with an energy meter. A completely wireless device that can be used to control household appliances. "Socket" can be quickly and easily connected to a standard euro socket. Example usage: plug in the socket and connect the load, which can be a boiler or a kettle.
  • Ajax WallSwitch is a power relay for remote control of the power supply. It is inserted into the socket. It protects electric devices against voltage fluctuations and exceeding the permissible current level.
  • Ajax Relay is a wireless relay with a dry contact, which has the same housing as the "Switch". It can be used to simulate the pressing of a button: for example, the Ajax Relay can be installed instead of a toggle switch. The device can interrupt or short-circuit the mains. It works not only at 220 V.

An important point! The devices have their own firmware. With each new version the manufacturer did not just "cosmetic", insignificant updates: significant changes in functionality were made.

An important option is the pulse mode. At first, only Ajax Relay was equipped with it. After March 4, 2020 (the date of the next update), the function "migrated" to Ajax Socket and Ajax WallSwitch. Consequently, we recommend to look at the production date when buying: it will be much better if it is released after the above-mentioned date.

The pulse mode allows the fixture not only to be on or off, but also to change its state for a certain period of time: originally this period was a maximum of 15 seconds, but now it is 255 seconds. Pulse mode, for example, is very useful in terms of controlling house lights.

To check the firmware, open the Ajax Security System application and scroll to the bottom of the screen. The software version must be at least

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Let's look at five practical recommendations for working with these devices.

If you cannot add a device to the system

Practice shows that this problem is rare: usually the device "connects" quickly and easily. To minimize the risk of hiccups, we recommend carefully studying the instructions on the manufacturer's website.

If you try to connect the device, the countdown expires, and after that nothing happens, apply a certain load (the site specifies the recommended value of 25 W). However, the manufacturer does not specify with which appliance this load should be applied.

Our advice: use equipment that immediately "lets you know" that it is on. For example, a hair dryer is well suited for this purpose.

The algorithm is as follows: we connect the Ajax Socket to the socket (the countdown starts), connect the appliance for a short time, it turns on, then disconnect the equipment and leave the Socket in the turned on state.

About the function button on the Ajax WallSwitch

This button is located on the body, near the antenna. Socket, for example, does not have it. This button helps when adding a device to the system.

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If you have connected a device, add it through the application, but the effect is zero, press this button. It allows you to manually change the state of the equipment: turned off the equipment is turned on, turned on - turned off.

Protection against overheating, over voltage limit and current level

The protective elements of the devices are located inside their housing.

If the device overheats due to intensive work, the protection mode is activated. After cooling down, the settings that were relevant before the temperature increase return. The same happens when the voltage level limit is exceeded: as soon as the situation stabilizes, the devices return to their normal state.

If the current level is exceeded, the situation is different: the device will go into protection mode, but will not recover on its own. It must be turned on manually through the app.

Tip: if you plan to turn on a heavy load, use Ajax WallSwitch: it cools down faster.

Heavy load control in Ajax Socket, Ajax WallSwitch

Users often have a question: can I connect this or that equipment to the Ajax Socket or Ajax WallSwitch? If it "passes" the current limitation, you can. If it is not suitable, use it as a control device. Control your load with an auxiliary relay that matches the load of the device to be connected.

Ajax Button

Use this single button to control Ajax Socket, Ajax WallSwitch, Ajax Relay.

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With it you can remotely switch the technique to the opposite state: one press - on, the second - off.

The manufacturer has taken care to ensure that the use of the alarm system was safe and convenient. Study the manual and you will be able to use 100% of the system functionality, as well as protect it from the appearance of malfunctions.

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