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AJAX Relay and WallSwitch overview and wiring instructions

AJAX Relay and WallSwitch overview and wiring instructions

Wireless relay is an innovative development of Ajax, designed to remotely control the power supply of electrical appliances. These devices are available in two versions: low-voltage Ajax Relay and a 220V household WallSwitch. Externally, the switches look the same, but their technical characteristics and operating principle are somewhat different.

Both relay variants continuously support two-way radio communication with the center, and through an Internet connection or mobile network they exchange data with the Ajax Security System application on the user's smartphone. In order to monitor the state of the switches and to set them, it is necessary to click on "Add device" in the program and then scan the QR code from the case of the product. This should be done before installation.

Features of AJAX Relay

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The Ajax Relay supplies and stops between 7 and 36 volts DC. LED lights, surveillance cameras, sirens, wired sensors, and other small battery-connected devices can operate under this low voltage. The device itself functions in both pulse and bistable modes. The mode can be selected in the settings in the application.

Pulsed current stop (for a few seconds) allows you to open and close electromechanical locks on doors, gates, roller shutters, etc. Bistable is suitable for continuous operation.

The principle of operation of the low voltage relay is to move the contact "+" to or from the power wire.

WallSwitch features

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The Ajax WallSwitch works between 110 and 230 volts. It is installed in any standard socket (from the inside), and gives the ability to remotely turn on / off the power supply.


The total power consumption of the connected appliances must not exceed 3000 watts. This means that a single relay cannot be connected to a tee or extension cord with a large number of appliances. If the WallSwitch overloads above 13A, the safety controller will trip and the current supply will stop.

Additionally, this relay has the following features:

  • electricity consumption accounting (built-in meter);
  • transmission of data on current power consumption, capacity of the connected devices, current to the central office and the owner's phone
  • automatic shutdown in case of mains voltage surges;
  • warning about absence of 220V.

Using the settings of the application, you can not only turn on and off the power through the "smart outlet" with built-in WallSwitch, but also program a convenient time interval, and link these actions to the mode of operation of the alarm system. This convenient feature will save Ajax system users the need to check whether household appliances and computers are turned off when leaving the house, office or other facility.

Buy Ajax WallSwitch relay and Ajax Relay at an affordable price with delivery in Kiev and all over Ukraine in the online store, please contact us by phone listed on the website or place your order online using the shopping cart.

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