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Ajax ocBridge - module for integration with wired and hybrid security systems

Ajax ocBridge - module for integration with wired and hybrid security systems

Many homes and offices still use wired and hybrid security systems installed before the advent of Wi-Fi technology. Often they function perfectly and do not require replacement, but in some cases it is necessary to complete the existing network with wireless devices (sensors of opening, motion, breakage, smoke, water, etc.) from Ajax. Special boards - uartBridge and ocBridge Plus - were created for successful realization of this task.

These chips make it possible to connect Ajax devices to the hubs of other companies. They act as a receiver and decoder of signals that come from wireless sensors to a third-party central, and also allow you to monitor and control settings over the air, not only from under the mobile application Ajax Security System, but also directly from the ACC, as well as through the software OS Windows. For this purpose, the cards are supplied with a manual and a CD with the appropriate software.

Main technical characteristics

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uartBridge and ocBridge Plus units are a convenient solution for mixed security and "smart home" systems that combine elements from different manufacturers. Thanks to this you can combine the most successful designs, providing the most complete protection of any object. In addition, the installation of such a board can turn a wired center into a wireless one, providing greater mobility of communication.

Features of the modules:

  • communication with sensors at a distance of up to 2 km;
  • continuous monitoring of each connected Ajax device and its current parameters, instant transmission of messages and alarms, recording of information;
  • ability to integrate from 1 to 100 devices per module;
  • 8 security zones, into each of which several devices can be connected;
  • built-in event log, separate from the log of the third-party PPK;
  • availability of service notifications and alarms (4 outputs - battery discharge, no communication, sensor removal, burglary attempt);
  • operation at temperatures from -25 ° to +50 ° C and humidity up to 90% (can be installed outdoors, in unheated rooms).

What is the difference between uartBridge and ocBridge Plus?

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The uartBridge module communicates with the central unit by means of a wired UART interface, through which it transmits all the necessary notifications. No more than 85 wireless devices can be connected to this chip. The board is powered by the PPK in which it is installed, the power consumption is 5 V.

The ocBridge Plus differs in that it is designed for a larger number of sensors (up to 100) and also has an increased level of protection against tampering, frequency jamming, and forgery. This chip is connected to the central unit through 12 transistor outputs - 8 alarm and 4 service outputs. The board itself has a socket micro USB - you can simply connect it to a computer with the service program installed and make all the necessary settings. Power supply in this module is self-contained, from a battery CR2032 2W.

Buy security alarm modules Ajax uartBridge and Ajax ocBridge Plus you can in the online store by phone, listed on the website, or by placing an order online, using the shopping cart.

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