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Ajax MotionProtect Curtain Curtain Motion Sensor

Ajax MotionProtect Curtain Curtain Motion Sensor

The new MotionProtect Curtain sensor from Ajax begins with a detailed analysis of its package, and then moves on to a breakdown of the main technical characteristics.

The kit includes:

  • gauge;
  • angle bracket;
  • detailed instructions;
  • mounting kit.

This sensor is similar in its features to other motion sensors from Ajax. But its main feature is that it does not monitor the entire room, but only the width of 6o, forming a kind of curtain or wall along the installation site. The sensor reflects a line 12 meters long, 90o vertically, and only 6o horizontally.

This means that the Ajax MotionProtect Curtain can be configured so that it will not react to what is happening along the control line. This is very useful in places where you want to control the movement of people in an area that is not fenced off.

If the sensor is installed behind the fence, it will only respond to actions within the territory, and therefore will protect reliably and without false alarms.

Working in night mode, such a sensor allows the guards to quietly move around the area, while maintaining a high level of security.

Work technology

Let's look at the main technical features of the sensor:

  • MotionProtect Curtain responds to motion via two Peer sensors;
  • there is a protection against masking. If it is covered with a cloth or painted over, it automatically sends a message that the sensor is trying to be masked;
  • the range of sensor installation from the central hub in an open area is 1500-1700 meters. When natural obstacles and walls appear, the working distance will decrease;
  • The sensor works in the Ajax system. It is powered by one CR123 battery. The life of the power supply is 3-4 years, after which the battery needs to be replaced. The sensor itself will notify you when the battery is running out of power. It is very easy to replace the battery:
  • Unscrew the three screws on the back cover;
  • Carefully remove the housing;
  • replacing the battery;
  • reassemble the sensor in reverse order.
  • the sensor has built-in wear protection for the movements of animals less than 40 cm tall and weighing 15 kg. This sensitivity can be adjusted from low to high;
  • The sensor is all-weather, it can be installed both indoors and outdoors. Works at temperatures from -20 to +50 degrees. There is protection IP 54.

How to add a sensor to the app

In order to connect the sensor to the hub, you need to install the Ajax Systems app on your smartphone. After installing the application, you need to add your hub to it. The new sensor is added to the hub according to the following algorithm:

  • remove the back cover of the sensor;
  • scan the QR code;
  • write the name of the sensor (by type or location).

The sensor will register successfully in the system only if the optimal distance to the center. Once connected in the application, we can see information on temperature and battery charge.

In the sensor settings we can change:

  • the binding to the location in the room;
  • set a delay. This is very convenient if the curtain is in front of the front door. In this case you will have time to arm from the keypad or key fob and leave the room;
  • You can choose to be guarded at night to move around the territory in peace;
  • you can set the sensitivity;
  • disable/enable immunity to animals;
  • enable or disable anti-mask mode;
  • enable to "Always active". This means that the sensor will always be armed even if the alarm is disabled;
  • you can activate the siren.

The sensor settings also include a test of signal strength, detection zone, and attenuation. For the tests, there is a double-sided adhesive tape included in the kit, on which the sensor can be temporarily mounted in the desired location. However, permanent mounting should still be done with more secure fasteners.

Recommendations for using the sensor

Let's look at a few rules for installing the Ajax MotionProtect Curtain motion sensor:

  • Do not place in direct sunlight;
  • do not install in places where the sensor may be exposed to the mirror reflection of the sun or glare;
  • there must be no physical interference in the sensor working area: branches, shelves, etc;

We see that every year Ajax makes more and more useful things for security. By releasing such sensors, the company makes it possible to secure the homes of Ukrainians as much as possible. The company strives to produce the most useful device that not only functions perfectly, but also looks very stylish.

Buying Ajax you can be sure of your safety. Leaving your windows open at night, this sensor will provide reliable protection.

If you need more information on how the MotionProtect Curtain sensor works, is purchased or configured, please call our contact center. Experienced consultants will always help you understand your situation and provide expert advice on any Ajax product.

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