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Ajax Hub Plus Central Review

Ajax Hub Plus Central Review

Hub Plus is an improved intelligent Ajax Hub, which the developers have given the widest possible capabilities. From the first generation Hub the new model "plus" differs in the following characteristics:

  • Wi-Fi connection to the Internet. The previous central worked only through the Ethernet cable, because of which you had to attach it next to the router. In the modern version, the RJ-45 port also remained. Due to this, it is now possible to use a wired connection via one provider, and Wi-Fi via another, providing even greater reliability in transmitting information from the object;
  • Two sim cards instead of one, allowing you to communicate via two mobile operators. If the Internet and a signal from one of the GSM-networks fails at the same time, the hub will exchange data with the user's phone on a third backup channel. The switching time between SIM cards is 4 minutes;
  • 3G internet (WCDMA). Previously, the Hub supported only 2G-connection, which is hundreds of times slower. The old technology handled alarm notifications, but not video streaming. If the current connection mode is lost, the new Hub instantly switches between 2G and 3G.
  • More devices - 150 instead of 100;
  • More cameras - 50 instead of 10
  • More cameras - 25 instead of 9.

The maximum number of rooms and users has not changed - in the Hub Plus there are 50, as in the first version. Also the function of direct connection to the remote control of the security company via Contact ID protocol remained. The battery life in both models is up to 15 hours.

Connecting and configuring

To register Ajax Hub Plus in the system you need:

  • physically connect it to the mains and router (or insert a SIM card with mobile Internet), wait for the logo to illuminate green;
  • Log in to the Ajax Security System application;
  • select the menu item "Add hub", set the name;
  • go to the field "Device ID" and scan the QR-code from the back of the device by pointing the main camera of smartphone at it;
  • go to the settings and select the necessary parameters (from the program on the phone).

In the settings you can set the connection with Wi-Fi, select the main and additional data channels, make other presets for further operation. Before registering the other elements of the alarm system, it is necessary to create at least one logical room.

Through the submenu "Add device" sensors, relays, sirens, transmitters are connected to the hub and the application, and through "Add camera" - video recording devices. For wireless sensors Ajax this is done by reading QR-codes from the case or box.

Once partially or fully armed, the system will respond to intrusion and emergency situations (flooding, smoke, carbon monoxide, fire) by sending audible alerts, pop-up push notifications, SMS or calls to the user's phone.

To secure the property even more, you can sign a contract with a security company. In this case, the alarms will be duplicated to the centralized monitoring station, and in case of danger, an entrapment team will arrive at the object within a few minutes after the triggering.

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