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Ajax Hub - Ajax Alarm Hub

Ajax Hub - Ajax Alarm Hub

Ajax Hub is the main element of Ajax security system. This device receives signals from other devices (sensors, cameras, alarm buttons, relays, transmitters), controls their performance and bilaterally exchanges information with the server, the function of which can be performed by the owner's cell phone or remote control of the security company.

Connection and features of Ajax Hub

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The hub is the "brain" of the alarm system. Without it, no detector would be able to transmit an alarm, i.e. it would be completely useless. For full-fledged protection of the object, it is necessary that all sensor and alarm devices have continuous two-way communication with the center, and it, in turn, was permanently connected to the Internet or was in the GSM (2G) coverage area.

For this purpose, the device has a connector for a Micro SIM card and an Ethernet cable that connects to the router. If the Internet for some reason disappears, or there is no possibility to carry it, notifications still continue to be delivered via the mobile network. The hub is powered via an ordinary 220 V outlet, and in the absence of electricity - from the backup battery, which can run for up to 15 hours in a row.

For Ajax Hub to work, you need to register it in the Ajax Security System app. The program itself can be downloaded to your smartphone or tablet with the help of Play Market or AppStore services. After registration in the system, it is necessary to press the button "add hub" and scan the QR-code, which is under the lid of the device.

Ajax Hub Specifications

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Thanks to its simple connection and configuration, the Ajax center is very easy to use. It is easy to install and use on your own, without having to call for help from an engineer or installation team. Step-by-step instructions, as well as the necessary cables and a set of fasteners, are included to successfully accomplish this task.

The hub has a whole list of unique features that ensure maximum stability and reliability of the alarm system, namely:

  • permanent radio channel communication with other elements of the system using a patented encryption and data exchange technology Jeweller;
  • support of devices located at a distance of up to 2 km;
  • remote control and configuration from a smartphone;
  • The ability to connect up to 100 devices, including up to 10 IP-cameras;
  • The maximum number of conditional rooms - 50;
  • The number of users - up to 50 (you can enter up to 50 phone numbers to which will receive alarms);
  • ability to send notifications of different types - calls, SMS, pop-up push messages with sound;
  • instant selection of a free frequency for the whole system when the current one is jammed;
  • software protection against viruses;
  • presence of tamper-proof tamper switch in the case;
  • ID authentication to prevent substitution of the hub and devices connected to it;
  • functional testing of all sensors at 12-second intervals;
  • proprietary Hub OS;
  • temperature range from -10 to +40°С.

With its stylish design in glossy black and traditional white, the Ajax Hub blends well into any interior. It is easy to attach it to the wall using small wall plugs and screws screwed to the special SmartBracket mounting cover on the back of the device. Hub dimensions are 16x16x3.6 cm, weight - 350 grams.

Buy hub for the alarm system Ajax Hub can be in the online store pipl, please contact by phone, presented on the website, or place an order online, using the shopping cart.

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