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Ajax HomeSiren and StreetSiren Wireless Sirens for Home and Street

Ajax HomeSiren and StreetSiren Wireless Sirens for Home and Street

An important element of any alarm system is a siren, which creates a frightening sound effect on the protected object. It is activated when the hub receives an alarm signal from certain sensors - for example, unauthorized opening of doors/windows, motion detection, smoke or heat detectors activation. Sharp, distinctive sounds attract the attention of people in the building or bystanders on the street and can thus prevent an attack, theft or quickly alert to a fire.

Ajax has developed two types of wireless sirens, the indoor HomeSiren and the outdoor StreetSiren. Just like the other elements of the system, they are entered into the Security System program by reading a QR code and in the same way they are connected to the intelligent control center via radio communication with the help of a patented encryption and data transmission technology Jeweller.

The devices look like ordinary modern speakers in white or black. They are attached to the wall with small dowels and screws using the SmartBracket, which is included in the kit. There is no need to disassemble the housing for this. The HomeSiren alarm system also has a connector for an external control LED to see if the object is armed and if any sensor is in "alarm" mode.

Ajax HomeSiren Specifications

x1-5.jpg.pagespeed.ic.FQEMAQHUy3.webp (37 KB)

Ajax HomeSiren is designed for installation inside heated and unheated premises (including offices, warehouses, shopping centers, financial institutions, etc.). It is usually used as a fire alarm, but can also be used to scare, stun a criminal.

Parameters of the device:

  • dimensions 75x7.6x27 mm, weight 97 grams;
  • sound level from a distance of 1 m - from 81 to 105 dB (can be made louder or quieter);
  • sound notification duration from 3 seconds to 3 minutes (adjustable);
  • time of receiving an alarm from the hub - 0.15 s;
  • autonomous power supply from 2 CR123A batteries with up to 5 years of service life;
  • up to 2 km distance from the hub in an open space;
  • remote setup and control;
  • polling interval from 12 seconds to 5 minutes (can be set independently)
  • operating temperature from -10° to +40°С, relative humidity up to 75%;
  • tamper protection, jamming, spoofing.

Features of Ajax StreetSiren

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The Ajax StreetSiren differs from the indoor siren in the following features:

  • larger dimensions - 20x20x5 cm, weight 502 grams;
  • increased volume - from 85 to 113 dB;
  • Simultaneously with the sound signal, the backlight turns on with flashing red LEDs;
  • Power supply from 4 CR123A batteries (lifetime up to 5 years without replacement, discharge indicator), or from external power supply of 12V - 13,5W
  • IP54 protected enclosure;
  • tamper-proof, the presence of an accelerometer that sends an alarm notification when an attempt is made to tear off the device;
  • possibility of operation at temperatures from -20° to +70° C and humidity up to 95%.

Buy a siren for an alarm system Ajax - HomeSiren and StreetSiren can be in the online store, please contact by phone, listed on the website, or place an order online, using the shopping cart.

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