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Ajax GlassProtect - wireless glass break sensor

Ajax GlassProtect - wireless glass break sensor

Windows are the most vulnerable part of any protected object in terms of security. Part of the problem is solved by metal bars, but they are not always appropriate. In this case, the GlassProtect sensor from Ajax comes to the rescue. It looks the same as the opening devices, but has an additional electret microphone inside that reacts to sharp sounds of a certain frequency.

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The sensor is triggered by the impact on the glass and the ringing of crumbling shards. To eliminate false alarms due to thunder, barking dogs, passing large vehicles or holiday fireworks, a two-factor method of detecting breakage.


Ajax GlassProtect can be used to protect all fragile elements on the perimeter and inside buildings: normal and panoramic windows, glazed doors, stained glass windows, showcases, museum pieces, etc. The distance from the listed glass surfaces to the detector must not exceed 9 meters.

Features of the Ajax break sensor:

  • miniature size - height 90 mm, diameter 20 mm, weight 30 grams;
  • autonomous operation from a CR123A 3V battery, which has a service life of 7 years;
  • high-precision sensitivity to 9 m, three levels of sensor settings;
  • alarm delivery within 0.15 seconds, the interval of interrogation of 12 seconds;
  • encrypted radio channel communication with the hub at a distance of up to 1 km;
  • compatibility with Ajax control panels, possibility of wireless connection to third-party PPK in the presence of integration modules uartBridge and ocBridge Plus;
  • quick connection to Ajax Security System by scanning a QR code;
  • easy installation using the supplied fasteners;
  • remote configuration and control via smartphone app;
  • tamper-proof - built-in tamper and tamper-evident tamper switch;
  • unique ID to prevent tampering;
  • operability indoors at temperatures from -10° to +40° C and humidity up to 75%;
  • terminal for additional connection of a wired sensor (e.g. magnetic opening detector, or other).

Buy Glass Breaker Ajax GlassProtect at a bargain price you can in the online store Pipl, call us at the number listed on the site, or place an order online, using the shopping cart.

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