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AJAX flood protection. How do you fight flooding?

AJAX flood protection. How do you fight flooding?

Water leakage during the absence of the owners can happen for a variety of reasons: due to faulty pipes, broken faucets, problems with batteries, boiler, washing machine or dishwasher. Often, such a situation can be provoked by leaving the bathtub on unattended.

Using the developments of Ajax, flooding can be prevented or stopped remotely from anywhere in the world. All you need is a smartphone with the Ajax Security System program and several devices installed in the "risk areas" - bathroom, toilet, kitchen, basement.

List of necessary devices:

1. LeaksProtect - wireless leak detection sensors (the number depends on the list of probable water leaks);

2. WallSwitch is a relay for remote power control of devices operating from 110-230 V mains.

3. Ajax Hub - a center for coordinating the rest of the elements and two-way communication with the mobile application;

4. Electromechanically actuated 220V ball valve (AJAX Relay must be used for valves that are powered by 7-36V batteries).

How to connect?

In order for the system to function, the electromechanical valve must not be connected directly to a socket, but must be energized via the WallSwitch. To do this, the appropriate color wires from the valve itself and from the power cable are connected to the relay. The color values differ from manufacturer to manufacturer. The current data can be found in the instructions of the specific product.

The motorized valve remains open when there is a constant supply of electricity. When current flows through the relay to another wire (in the HC 220V model it is green), the valve is closed.

Order of work

The Ajax Security System app is installed on the smartphone and the hub is connected.

LeaksProtect sensors are registered in the program by reading a QR code and then placed in vulnerable places - under the bathtub, sink, water boiler, washing machine, etc. There is no need to attach them to the floor - just put them down. On the bottom surface of each such device there are 2 contacts on each of the four sides. If water falls on two or more, an alarm is triggered. In the settings of the detectors, it is desirable to specify a 24-hour guard mode.

On the back of the WallSwitch is also a sticker with a QR code. It must be scanned before the device is plugged into an outlet.

The tap with the connected relay is mounted on the pipe (preferably at the place of the main main water shutoff unit in the whole apartment or private house) and connected to 220V. For greater convenience and safety WallSwitch is recommended to be built into the socket.

When one or more sensors detect a leak, the phone receives an audible alarm and a corresponding notification. If the sensors are configured to operate 24 hours a day, the object may not be armed - the notification will still be delivered to the user.

To remotely shut off the water, you need to select in the menu of the program Ajax previously tied to the faucet and switch it to the opposite mode to the current one (on or off). In the new version of the application it is planned to implement automatic switching of WallSwitch.

Buy all the components to organize a system based on Ajax equipment, you can in the online store, please contact us by phone, listed on the website, or place your order online through the shopping cart site.

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