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9 advantages of Ajax System alarm system

9 advantages of Ajax System alarm system

Ajax security system - a unique development of Ukrainian engineers, which operates on a patented technology to ensure communication Jeweller. Its advantages include:

1. Wireless connection

The only item that needs to be connected to power and the Internet is the smart hub. All other devices are battery powered and send signals over the air.

2. Signal transmission range

 Thanks to technology Jeweller sensors, cameras, sirens and other devices firm Ajax can be located at a distance of 2 km from the hub, but the information from them instantly and seamlessly will come to the center, and from there - to the client's phone and / or desk security company.

3. Easy to add sensors

Ajax wireless devices are easy to connect on their own, either "from scratch" or in an already working system. It is enough to authorize in the program Ajax Security System on your smartphone, register sensors by reading QR codes from the package or housing, and then physically fix them in the room. Installation of the security system from Ajax brand can be done without technical training or special experience.

4. Long service life

 The manufacturer claims a 7-year battery life for most sensors with a pre-installed battery pack. The current charge level is continuously monitored and indicated by the corresponding symbol in the application. If the power level drops critically, the owner is notified. To continue using the device, the CR123A lithium battery must be replaced with a new one.

5. Two communication channels

Central Ajax supports 2 options for transmitting information simultaneously - wired Internet at speed from and GSM mobile network. Thus, the alarm system can be installed even at sites where there is no Internet, or it works slowly and intermittently.

6. Different types of alerts

Depending on the customer's wishes, the system can be configured so that notifications will come in the form of a call, SMS, a pop-up push-notification on your smartphone screen, as well as in the form of information on the guard desk.

7. Constant communication of the central unit and sensors

According to the basic settings, information about the status of the devices is updated every 12 seconds. This is the interval at which the hub "polls" all connected devices, and in case of malfunction or tamper it informs the owner.

8. Possibility to connect to a centralized security console

Ajax produces special software that allows security companies to continuously monitor the state of the alarm system at facilities. To take advantage of this advantage, the client must sign a contract with a private or public entity that is licensed to provide such services.

9. Regular upgrades and updates

Developers are improving both the Ajax Security System application and the hardware. In 2017, the new Malevich firmware extended the battery life of the hub from 10 to 15 hours, increased the number of rooms from 12 to 50, and the number of users from 10 to 50. It also added the ability to install up to 10 RTSP streaming video cameras and other interesting features.

Bonus: made in Ukraine

Alarm system Ajax is produced in Kiev, and is in great demand not only in the domestic market, but also in the CIS countries and Europe. The alarm system has repeatedly won international contests and ratings in the field of security products, such as Security&Fire Excellence Awards'17, MIPS Securika and others.

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