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4 most popular Ajax alarm sensors in Ukraine in 2020

4 most popular Ajax alarm sensors in Ukraine in 2020

Sensors are an important element in the security system of a modern building. Thanks to their quality work you can record all activities in a certain area, while you are not at home or are busy with business.

They quickly act, react and transmit information to the security service or your smartphone. Modern sensors from Ajax are known for their reliability, unpretentious operation. It is enough to install them once to enjoy the security of your own home in the future and not to worry that something can go unnoticed.

What should I consider before buying sensors?

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The motion sensor is quite a sensitive thing. That is why many used to reproach such a security system that it reacts to the movements of pets. Manufacturers have taken this into account, so modern sensors are perfectly designed and take into account a range of factors. They differ from each other quite seriously in terms of functionality.

However, when choosing sensors, you need to pay attention to a number of parameters that will directly affect the reliability of their work. For example, among these are:

  1. The distance at which motion is detected. It is better to choose a model with a wider coverage of the distance. The sensitivity must also be taken into account.
  2. Operation in different weather conditions. Some models simply cease to perform their functions at subzero temperatures. Therefore, it is necessary to buy such sensors that can withstand the changes, while maintaining the entire set of operational advantages.
  3. The presence of a special algorithm. Usually it is the algorithm that allows you to identify human movements and distinguish it from an animal.

Therefore, it is better not to save money on the purchase of equipment. Ajax offers quality sensors that have been tested in practice. Thanks to this, you can feel comfortable and safe indoors and outdoors. Models differ from each other quite seriously, because they have different algorithms.

The movements of pets, birds in any case are ignored, so you can not worry if you leave your pet at home. The alarm will not go off.

Rating of the most popular sensors from Ajax

Ajax has been operating in this market segment for a long time and has become a true synonym for reliability. It regularly releases new models that are designed for rooms of different sizes. There are also proven sensors in its assortment, which customers can buy at a relatively affordable price.

They are usually quite simple and straightforward to use, and they also have a long service life. However, you can always check the technical condition with a representative of the company. For now, let's focus on the 4 most popular developments. We will start with the least popular ones and go further in ascending order.

Ajax LeaksProtect

This sensor is primarily suitable for detecting leaks. It has 4 pairs of contacts, and if water is detected on at least one, the alarm is raised. In the case of drying, the alarm is cancelled.

An important advantage is the ease of installation. Simply place LeaksProtect close to where a leak might occur. The sensor only needs a fraction of a second to analyze the available information and signal a flood.

The case of this model is rugged, reliably protected from moisture, dust and other foreign elements. Its other technical features include:

  1. The battery life is up to 5 years.
  2. The sensor works at temperatures from 0 to +50 degrees Celsius.
  3. Ability to establish two-way communication between devices.

Leaksprotect is an inexpensive option that everyone can afford. If you are worried about possible flooding, it will warn you about problems in advance. Problems with the operation of leaksprotect rarely occur because the model is very unpretentious. You can buy it today to test all the advantages in practice. By supplementing the alarm with an electromechanical ball valve, you get a self-contained leak protection system that automatically shuts off the water in case of an accident.

Ajax MotionProtect Outdoor

A versatile sensor that gives you peace of mind. MotionProtect Outdoor is capable of detecting movement from up to 15 meters away. A special intelligent system allows it not to react even to large animals. For example, pets up to 80 centimeters tall are ignored by the system.

The Ajax development is able to last up to 5 years without the need to install a new battery. If operations are performed on the sensor to block it, the system is sure to respond as well. The device is equipped with intelligent protection, which makes it possible not to react to false alarms. Accurate data is transmitted even when the temperature outside the window is negative. An alarm in MotionProtect Outdoor is transmitted only after 2 stages of checks (they take fractions of a second). If the concerns are confirmed, a notification will be sent.

The model has long been used in practice. Compact and stylish, it installs in minutes and does not require additional maintenance later on. It's enough to install MotionProtect Outdoor from Ajax once, so you don't have to worry about protecting your own home in the future. Buy it at a low price.

Ajax DoorProtect 

This model is also well suited for home protection. It weighs only 29 grams, is highly sensitive and resistant to temperature fluctuations. Thanks to this, even when it is +40 Celsius outside, the system transmits reliable information.

DoorProtect is capable of working for 7 years without the need to replace the battery. It warns not only about burglars, but also about attempts to jam the signal or other tampering with the device. The optimal installation would be to mount it on the door. The system will react to an attempt to break into them or penetrate through the windows.

Among the benefits of DoorProtect:

  1. Speed of information transfer. Only 0.15 seconds are required.
  2. Ability to configure remotely.
  3. Efficient operation even in high humidity.

That's why DoorProtect will be a good choice for your room. It can last a long time without the need for serious maintenance. It is reasonable to buy this model for apartments of different sizes.

Ajax MotionProtect

The motion sensor will allow you to ensure the safety of your home. It is configured not to react to animals. If your pet weighs less than 20 kilograms and its height is below 50 cm, you can be sure the system will ignore it.

Ajax MotionProtect is stable even in hot conditions. In temperatures up to +40 degrees, the system gives all readings clearly. If communication is deliberately jammed or encrypted, you will also be alerted.

The best place to mount Ajax MotionProtect is on the wall in front of the door. You can also choose another place, but it must be close to where burglars are likely to want to enter. Connection to the hub is made in one click, through a special mobile app.

Among other features that the motion sensor has:

  1. Signal power up to 20 mW.
  2. Battery life without the need for replacement is 7 years.
  3. Polling ranges from 12-300 s.

The Ajax MotionProtect model is not a bad option that can make you feel completely safe at home.

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